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Best Tactical Flashlight Taser of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Black tactical flashlight taser

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Safety is something that you should always take into consideration.

Nowadays, many have taken measures to keep themselves safe, and flashlight tasers quickly became a rising star in the market.

Having an effective tool can provide an added means of personal protection to anyone in need.

No matter who you are or where you live, being prepared will always pay off.

To help you pick out the best tactical flashlight taser amidst the variety of options available, we’ve compiled a short list of options to pick from.

Best Tactical Flashlight Taser Reviews


Black tactical flashlight

Of the flashlight stun guns we’ll talk about, the most popular one in the market so far is Vipertek’s VTS-195.

Due to the material of its casing, the VTS-195 is a resilient product that can weather all sorts of situations.

The build is made from military-grade aluminum alloy, known to survive rough handling.

What’s more, the ergonomic design can easily pass as a regular flashlight.


The aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body is shockproof and has a unique design that allows you to use it as a self-defense weapon.

You can use the prongs on the top edge of the flashlight to shatter glass should you find yourself trapped behind a window.

Effective and versatile, this bright flashlight is one you can use in your daily life.

Aside from its illuminating function, it boosts a high-powered taser feature that can take down possible assailants.

The VTS-195 is eight inches long and is a good 0.75 pounds, so you can easily use it with one hand.

While it is not anti-roll, the casing is sturdy and has a non-slip grip.

Moreover, the product comes with its own holster, so you should be able to operate it hands-free.

To prevent accidental discharges, the VTS-195 has a safety switch that you must press for the stun to work.

Vipertek made a smart strategic decision to locate the safety switch and trigger buttons on opposite sides of the unit.

When activated, the stun feature emits an intimidating and loud sound to make attackers backtrack.

Should the warning not suffice, the force of this powerful stun gun will certainly keep you safe.

The stun feature requires close contact to work. That said, touching any attacker with the VTS-195 will disorient them enough to bring them to their knees.

While Vipertek does not specify the amount of voltage the stun feature uses, it is believed to emit more than one microCoulomb (µC).

For reference, according to the National Institute of Justice, between 0.5 µC and one µC is enough of a deterrent. Thus, one µC is definitely enough to cause intolerable pain.

As the attacker is doubled over in pain and incapable of balancing upright, users can take the time to flee from the scene.

Vipertek did not list the number of lumens the flashlight can produce. However, it is estimated to be around 300 lumens and certainly enough to be used daily.

The flashlight is rechargeable and comes with its own proprietary charging cord. This means you won’t need to constantly buy expensive batteries.

On a full charge, the bright LED light will last up to 100,000 hours, but be careful not to lose the specialized charger.

Should you lose the charger or have an issue with the product, Vipertek offers lifetime warranty coverage on this device.


  • Includes a holster
  • Lifetime warranty coverage
  • Casing made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Incredible stun power
  • Bright illuminating output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Glass-breaking prongs
  • Compact in size, good for one-handed operation
  • Emits a warning noise to ward off attackers


  • Prongs are prone to get caught in clothing
  • Proprietary charging cord
  • Not anti-roll

2. Guard Dog Diablo 2

Black tactical flashlight

Should you ever need a flashlight to complete your everyday carry, look no further than Guard Dog’s newest release, the Diablo II.

This versatile and powerful stun gun flashlight was used by law enforcement but has since been made available to the general public.


Made from a type III aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this flashlight was made to last.

The casing provides the flashlight with a shockproof body and was modeled to be roll-proof.

Alongside the sturdy body, the flashlight has an emergency glass-breaker bezel. As such, you can easily use it as a physical means of self-defense.

The Diablo II is almost 10 inches long and weighs a decent 1.03 pounds.

The size is a little larger than other options on the market, but that shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

After all, it also comes with its own premium leather holster, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Now, let’s talk about its best selling point: its stunning capabilities.

The Diablo II has a 5,000,000-voltage level. If that isn’t impressive, here are some statistics to help cement the fact.

To give you perspective, a traditional stun gun needs a minimum of 25,000 volts to be effective.

Police officers use tasers with 50,000 volts, so the Diablo II is definitely a worthy weapon to have on hand.

While it fends off and immobilizes any attacker within your range, the features don’t stop there.

Guard Dog’s stun flashlight utilizes an envied feature that they have patented, which is its concealed inner stun technology.

This feature means that even when activated, the Diablo II will still appear to be a standard flashlight.

For practical purposes, the Diablo II hides any visible prongs within the outer layer of the flashlight. However, that’s not to say your assailant won’t get a head’s up warning.

When activated, the heavy-duty stun gun releases a warning crackle.

This loud spark is meant to fend off any unwelcome attacker before they have a chance to approach.

Defense features aside, the Diablo II is a perfectly functional flashlight with a 320-lumen output and three light modes.

On high, the bright light can be seen over 500 yards away. In comparison, it has 160 lumens on its lowest setting.

The flashlight also comes with an additional emergency strobe setting that can disorient and blind assailants while attracting nearby help.

For safety, the device comes with a safety switch to prevent accidental discharges. This means you can’t use the stun feature while the flashlight is on.

To ensure users are ready for any occasion, the Diablo II has a rechargeable battery with a 100,000-hour bulb life.

What’s more, it comes with its own charger alongside another AC vehicle charger for your convenience.

Lastly, you can buy this device with full confidence knowing that Guard Dog guarantees a lifetime warranty.


  • Includes a leather holster
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Casing made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Incredible stun power
  • Bright illuminating output
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery
  • Anti-roll design
  • Glass-breaker bezel tip
  • Concealed prongs
  • Compact in size, good for one-handed operation


  • Somewhat larger than other market options
  • Not clear on how long it will take to fully charge

3. POLICE Stun Gun 1109

Black tactical flashlight

The brand Police released a flashlight stun gun you can use in a professional and civilian setting.

It is heavy-duty because of its lasting build. The casing is made out of type III aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

The military-grade aluminum construction means that the flashlight can act as a self-defense weapon, even without the stun feature.


The 1109 is 7.25 inches long and weighs a good 0.77 pounds. This is a convenient size to have by your size, and the weight is decent enough that you won’t tire out.

While the flashlight does not have an anti-roll casing, it does come with its own safety wrist strap and holster case.

That said, the stun and light switches are right next to each other. Therefore, users have to take note not to accidentally use the stun feature.

On the bright side, the stun feature emits a noise beforehand that should warn potential attackers from their pursuit.

If they still follow through, you must touch the flashlight to any part of the assailant’s body for the stun to have an effect.

The 1109 stun gun has a whopping maximum power output of 4,000,000 volts.

While it isn’t as powerful as the Diablo II, it is a close second in terms of power output and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Aside from its powerful shock, the 1109 has an illuminating power of 450 lumens. This is more than enough to blind an assailant, whether daytime or nighttime.

This powerful stun gun flashlight comes with built-in rechargeable batteries, so you can say goodbye to expensive batteries.

Simply plug the charging cord into the bottom of the product, find a standard outlet, and charge for six to eight hours for a full charge.

The manufacturer does not say how long the battery life will last.

That said, the nice part about having the Police 1109 stun gun flashlight is that it comes with its own lifetime warranty.


  • Includes a holster case, wrist strap, and user manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Casing made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Incredible stun power
  • Bright illuminating output
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Compact in size, good for one-handed operation
  • Emits a warning noise to ward off attackers


  • Does not ship internationally
  • Not anti-roll
  • Light and stun switches are close to each other
  • Takes too long to fully charge

4. FIGHTSENSE Sting Series Heavy-Duty Flashlight Stun Gun

Purple tactical flashlight stun gun

The Fightsense Sting Series flashlight stun gun is a relatively recent addition to the stun gun market.

Its exterior is made from a grip-textured poly-nylon that is waterproof, durable, and comes in three colors.

Alongside its resilient exterior, the core boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction. Thus, even when dropped, it won’t suffer damages.


Measuring seven inches long and weighing 0.46 pounds, the Fightsense Sting Series is convenient to carry because of its relatively compact design.

There is a safety switch at the bottom of the flashlight, which prevents accidental discharges.

It also comes with its own safety strap to ensure you don’t drop it during critical situations.

The stun function of this device can deliver an impressive charge that, when necessary, causes extreme levels of intolerable pain.

Another impressive feature is its maximum of 2.5 µC power.

Since one µC is sure to stop any possible attack, it is more than enough to incapacitate any assailant and cause pain. That will certainly make them think twice about their ploy.

Alongside its incredible self-defense feature, the illuminating power of this product is not one to underestimate.

The light output is an impressive 380 lumens, which is more than enough to blind a would-be attacker during the daytime.

The LED flashlight itself has three operating light modes. The light modes are turbo, low, and strobe.

This Fightsense device has an internal rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy batteries for it to function.

The best part about it is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Should you find any issue with the flashlight, simply head over to the Fightsense website to ask for assistance.


  • Free safety strap
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable casing and core
  • Incredible stun power
  • Bright illuminating output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Anti-roll
  • Comes in three colors
  • Three light operating modes
  • Compact in size, good for one-handed operation


  • Unclear over how long a full charge lasts
  • Not specific on how many times the stun can be utilized
  • Does not emit a warning sound before stunning

5. Taser Strikelight Rechargeable Self-Defense Flashlight

Black taser tactical flashlight

The Taser Strikelight stun gun flashlight is a useful device for civilian self-defense.

Its Covestro PC-ABS blend ensures that the device is one that was built to last. This plastic blend is both flame-retardant and durable.


The flashlight weighs 0.6 pounds and is 8.2 inches long.

Because of its compact size, the Strikelight is portable and can be easily masked as a regular flashlight. This is convenient for those aiming for easy concealment.

An added level of safety comes in the form of two separate activation button triggers. One is to switch the LED light, while the other activates the stun feature.

By having dual switches, the user will have a safer time using the product without having to worry about accidental discharges.

Another simple yet effective feature is the shape of the flashlight itself.

The Strikelight utilizes a unique anti-roll design.

With this, users can freely use the flashlight with one hand without worrying that they will lose the product should they accidentally drop it.

On a full charge, the flashlight can last a solid five hours of light. The downside is the eight long hours it takes to fully charge the battery.

The illuminating power this flashlight has is unimpressive. Having 80 lumens of light output means it is a decent flashlight.

While it does a good job of illuminating a road or dark corner, it is barely enough to blind a would-be attacker.

However, the downside to the so-so light output is made up for in its stun feature.

In regards to the stun feature, users can emit a warning electric arc that emits a loud noise.

This is the first and only warning that attackers will have. It is the user’s opportunity to de-escalate a possibly dangerous situation.

However, should you use the stun feature, you will be able to get a good one hundred five-second stun cycles on a full battery charge.


  • Casing made out of anodized aluminum
  • Can be used for one hundred five-second stun cycles
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Anti-roll design
  • Compact in size, good for one-handed operation
  • Emits a warning noise to ward off attackers


  • Takes eight hours to fully charge
  • 80 lumen LED bulb
  • Over time, the stun trigger becomes less sensitive
  • No warranty

Which Device Is Perfect for Tactical Use?

From the list, the two that stand out are Guard Dog’s Diablo II and Vipertek’s VTS-195.

Of course, that’s not to say that any flashlight is significantly better than the other. All of them have their strong suits, especially when it comes to tactical operations.

At the end of the day, choosing the best tactical flashlight taser is all about a person’s preference because all of these options will get the job done.

While providing light, they are all capable of ensuring an added level of safety to users. They are convenient, useful, and reasonable on the wallet.