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Best Women’s Tactical Boots of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Woman wearing a pair of tactical boots

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For as long as we can remember, manufacturers have designed tactical footwear primarily for utility and protection.

It has only been a few decades since innovations in fashion and improvements in gender equality have specified military boots for women.

Today, the best women’s tactical boots are here to fulfill women’s adventure boots and duty uniform requirements.

If you’re a woman looking for a pair of tactical shoes or army boots, we’re here to give you five excellent options.

These options may not be available in your nearest tactical retail stores, but you can grab them here for instant comfort.

Comparison Chart

Black tactical boot

Bates Women’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

Under Armour Women’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

Brown tactical boot

Shoe Land Kasey Women’s Ankle Lace Up Military Combat Booties

Black and blue tactical boot

Women’s DailyShoes Lace Up Warm Polar Mid Calf Ankle Snow Boots

Black tactical boot

DailyShoes Women’s Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots

Best Women’s Tactical Boots Reviews

1. Bates Women’s Ultra-Lite 8-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

Bates focuses on designing and manufacturing tactical uniform footwear for all military personnel.

Their products also work well as a pair of police boots.

This company falls under Wolverine Worldwide, Inc., the conglomerate responsible for the well-known Cat Footwear and Harley-Davidson Footwear.

If you’re looking for a pair of side-zip tactical boots, you’ll do well to look no further than a pair of Bates Lightweight Tactical Sport Ultra-Lites.

These high-quality boots come in women’s sizes of five inches through 10 inches, and you will also find size variations with half-inch increments.

Unfortunately, the men’s variants come in more styles, extra-wide sizes, and a second color option.


The Ultra-Lite lineup is one of Bates’ most popular footwear styles.

Each pair is all-around footwear that works great for all tactical sports and professions or any form of outdoor adventure.

The Bates Ultra-Lite incorporates incredible durability with outstanding flexibility for a high-performance fit in an otherwise hard-working military-grade shoe.

  • Incredible Comfort

Each boot measures eight inches from the bottom of the rubber sole to the collar and tongue.

Most of its parts contain cushions, including the midsole, insole, upper, tongue, and collar.

With these components, the Bates Ultra-Lites provide excellent comfort for any wearer, even for long days on the job.

  • Lightweight and Durable Construction

Aside from providing extreme comfort for your feet, the integration of leather and ballistic nylon into the boot upper makes each pair outstandingly lightweight.

While Bates designed the Ultra-Lite to be exceptionally lightweight, it boasts expert manufacturing for maximum durability.

  • Convenient Features

The Ultra-Lite features eyelets to secure the tongue in place, but you won’t need to be tying the shoestrings every time you wear the boots.

This pair of boots has a convenient side-zip with a securing strap for easy wearing and removal.

Other convenient features include each boot’s removable cushioned insert, ventilated mesh outer linings, and slip-resistant rubber sole.

It may be a pair of durable combat boots, but it combines utility with the breathability and functionality of running shoes for hot weather conditions.

However, due to the ventilated upper mesh linings, this pair of Ultra-Lites is prone to the entry of water.


  • Very comfortable boots
  • Zero chances of blisters
  • High-performance cushioned midsole
  • Superior arch and heel support
  • Extraordinary ankle coverage
  • Convenient YKK side zipper
  • Universal work application
  • Better than heavy boots


  • Does not have other styles or colors
  • No waterproofing
  • Breathability might limit insulation for cold weather use

2. Under Armour Women’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

Unlike Bates, which focuses on tactical footwear, Under Armour specializes in athletic apparel, equipment, and shoes.

Furthermore, you might find more of Under Armour’s products in physical retail stores.

Under Armour’s vision is to provide you with high-performing personal equipment solutions to put you at a better advantage against the competition.

Its products are items that either you can’t imagine living without or never knew you needed.

Compared to Bates shoes, Under Armour features more options for women, even with its military and tactical boot lineup.

Women’s variants include the Stellar, the Micro G Valsetz, the Micro G Valsetz Leather, and the Micro G Valsetz Leather Waterproof.

Among these options, the UA Stellar is the most affordable, and it comes in sizes between six and 11 inches with half-inch increments.


The Stellar is a durable pair of police boots that offer superior foot protection, adequate ankle coverage, and plenty of traction in any environment.

Like the Bates Ultra-Lites, each Stellar boot stands eight inches tall, and it only comes in an all-black finish.

However, unlike the Ultra-Lites, the Stellar boots do not have a side-zip that makes putting on and taking off much more manageable.

Nevertheless, this pair of boots provides peak performance and exceptional foot support for any tactical profession or sport.

  • Rugged Construction

Each boot has a reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane shank and carries Under Armour’s STORM technology.

The uppers contain leather and 900 denier nylon construction, providing adequate water resistance and long-lasting wear.

These features combined with an anti-microbial OrthoLite sock liner ensure that your feet stay dry and fresh throughout hours of work.

  • Superb Traction

The boots have a rubber sole with low-profile lugs and a molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsole.

This combination of cushioned soles and intricately profiled under soles work hand in hand to provide excellent traction in uneven terrains.

  • Minimalist Fast-Drying Design

With the UA Stellars, you have a pair of boots that block humidity during everyday use and dry fast after every wash.

Under Armour’s water-resistant performance fabric lines every surface of each boot, ensuring utility, extreme comfort, and moisture protection.


  • Moisture-wicking and microbe-busting
  • Polishable soft toe
  • Excellent for duty uniform requirements
  • Durable pair of police boots
  • Efficiently protects feet from blisters
  • Reinforced for superior foot protection and support


  • No other color options
  • Most expensive among the options
  • No side-zip for effortless wearing

3. ShoeLand Kasey Women’s Mid-Calf Military Combat Booties

Brown tactical boot

Unlike Under Armour, ShoeLand is a relatively new company that began in 1997.

Its design team stays on top of the hottest seasonal trends to produce products that boast high fashion at highly affordable prices.

While Bates focuses on tactical footwear and Under Armour produces athletic apparel, ShoeLand stands for the boldest handbags and shoes in chic color offerings.

Compared to many fancy-schmancy retail stores, ShoeLand offers phenomenal discounts and highly competitive prices for all its products.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that ShoeLand shoes have great value, which accounts only for quality built to last.

ShoeLand footwear includes different types of shoes, including combat boots, and one of its more popular boots is the ShoeLand Kasey.

The ShoeLand Kasey comes in sizes between five and 11 inches with half-inch options.

Furthermore, unlike Ultra-Lites and Stellars, Kaseys come in six color options: tan, black, mauve, gray, khaki, and white.


If you’re more into fashion flexibility than optimized utility, a pair of Kaseys is probably better than either the Ultra-Lites or the Stellars.

However, since it uses synthetic materials and doesn’t have cushioned inner linings, it cannot provide the extreme comfort available to the Ultra-Lites and Stellars.

This pair might require an extended break-in period or a boot stretcher to start feeling more comfortable for further use.

  • Fashionable Design

The good thing about this pair of boots is the fashionable design that fits all occasions.

Each has a 1.25-inch heel, a round toe, an inner side zipper, and double accent buckles for improved lower leg protection.

The shaft stands approximately 9.75 inches from the arch, bringing each boot’s total height to 11 inches.

  • Innovative Features

Although it may not be as comfortable as the previous shoes, its cushioned insole still assures an ample comfort level.

In addition to the inner side zippers, each boot has an outer side zippered compartment that measures 3.5 by three inches.

Each military-inspired pocket can hold cash, credit cards, keys, or small essentials, such as a foldable pocket knife.

Finally, each boot’s lace-up front enables you to adjust the fit for optimal support.

  • Sturdy Craftsmanship

ShoeLand ruggedly crafts these heavy boots for easy walking on all types of terrains.

The special traction grip featured by the slip-resistant rubber sole keeps you on your feet even on icy sidewalks, slippery floors, or loose groundcover.

The Kaseys’ sturdy craftsmanship ensures that your feet stay protected at all times.


  • Very fashionable
  • Fully synthetic high-quality materials
  • Short break-in time
  • More affordable than the UA, Bates, or DailyShoes
  • Non-slip on all types of terrains
  • Heavy-duty boots
  • Multipurpose pockets


  • DailyShoes offers more designs
  • Not full-grain leather
  • Best worn with a pair of socks

4. DailyShoes Women’s Knee-High Military Combat Boots

Black and blue tactical boot

Like ShoeLand, DailyShoes offers a wide variety of shoe styles for all events, functions, and occasions.

Unlike Under Armour and Bates, DailyShoes has a better presence online than in physical retail stores.

If you think mid-calf boots are not fashionable enough for your taste, you might want to check out DailyShoes’ Knee-High Military Combat Boots.

It comes in five colors and two-toned variants.

Colors include black, tan, brown, wine, and purple, and the two-toned variants combine two different textures of synthetic leather.

Each boot has a 1.25-inch heel, and the arch measures 14.75 inches to the collar.

Furthermore, the collar has a circumferential measurement of approximately 15 inches.


The DailyShoes Knee-High Combat Boots offers stylish protection with its plush trim and decorative stitching.

These features give the boots a highly fashionable look, yet it stays functional for cold weather conditions.

Unfortunately, this pair of boots may not suit hot weather environments.

  • Expert Craftsmanship

DailyShoes expertly crafts each pair with single or two-tone premium-finished synthetic leather.

Bold features enhance the beauty of each whole boot, and functional components add to the overall aesthetic for a better fashion sense.

DailyShoes lines each connection with durable stitching for long-lasting wear, no matter which single-tone or two-tone style you choose.

  • Easy Adjustments

Functional components include an elastic gusset at the collar’s rear and an adjustable ankle buckle strap.

While the elastic gusset allows stretching and easy slip-on, the adjustable strap secures the boots to your ankles for a better fit.


  • Stylish and functional protection
  • Easy slip-on and ankle fitting
  • Tough, durable outsole grip
  • Best for cold weather
  • High level of ankle support
  • One of DailyShoes bestsellers


  • Best worn with cushioned socks for additional comfort
  • Not suitable for warm climate
  • Rugged leather upper requires some breaking in

5. DailyShoes Women’s Mid-Calf Military Booties

Black tactical boot

Apart from the knee-high combat boots, DailyShoes also offers Women’s Mid-Calf Military Booties, which is almost similar to ShoeLand.

Like the knee-high option, the Mid-Calf Military Booties are also bestsellers in DailyShoes’ online retail stores.

Unlike the ShoeLand variant, the DailyShoes mid-calf heavy boots are taller and come in more sizes, colors, and designer print options.

The shaft is 9.75 inches tall, and the heel measures 1.25 inches from the floor.

You can choose from sizes ranging from five to 13 inches with half-inch variations, and you will also find them in narrow proportions.


If you need a boot size larger than what Under Armour, Bates, and ShoeLand can offer, DailyShoes is your go-to brand.

It is also your best option for stylish colors and prints, including elegant red, army camouflage, pink, bright purple, bright blue, zebra print, and denim.

However, if you like to keep it simple, the boots also come in black, beige, brown, and white.

  • Stylish and Functional

Aside from the wide range of options, the DailyShoes Mid-Calf Military Booties also feature convenient zippered pockets and inner side zippers.

Use the pocket for small essentials, such as cash, cards, and keys, and never worry where you put them during your travels.

Additionally, the full-faced lace-up front and the double buckles offer the same adjustable fit as the ShoeLand Kaseys.

  • All-Terrain Use

The DailyShoes Women’s Military Boots has special slip-resistant rubber soles that enable you to walk with ease on uneven terrains, icy pavements, and slippery floors.

  • Wear and Tear Resistant

Constructed with heavy-duty vegan leather, the DailyShoes Military Boots resists wear and tear, making it perfect for work and play.


  • Caters to a wide range of foot sizes
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Sturdy ankle support
  • Protects against ankle injuries
  • Excellent traction on all terrains


  • Extended break-in time
  • Costs slightly more than the ShoeLand variant
  • Not as comfortable as the Bates or the Under Armour boots

Which Are the Best Tactical Boots for Women?

While you might find many tactical boots under 100 bucks, not much of them have been specifically designed for women.

It won’t be a problem wearing unisex shoes, but it can be challenging for women to find the right boot size.

The shoes we have here are some of the few bestselling boots for women, and each offers exceptional foot protection and reliable traction.

With that said, the best women’s tactical boots among the options are the Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites.

Not only do they provide extreme comfort for rough terrains, but they also offer long-lasting durability for all weather conditions.