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List of Tactical Gear Manufacturers You Can Trust

Assortment of tactical gear

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Having a list of tactical gear manufacturers will ensure you are prepared for any situation.

Whether you’re out to buy more gear for work or your personal collection, there are hundreds of brands to visit.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the highest-quality and top recommended manufacturers to consider for your kit.

List of Tactical Gear Manufacturers

Let’s get into three of the most prestigious companies that craft an assortment of different types of gear for all personnel.

1. Crye Precision

Crye Precision is one of the more renowned brands when it comes to tactical gear and clothing.

They create an assortment of hardworking items designed to do most of the work for you.

All of their products are made in the United States using American materials, ensuring the highest quality possible.

You’ll find three main product categories through this manufacturer: armor and equipment, apparel, and assorted gear.

Let’s break it down to give you a better idea of what you can expect from this brand.


This company’s apparel collection includes combat and field gear, general outwear, specialized headwear, and joint protection.

Basically, anything you could possibly need for tactical situations is available.

Also, you will find that their clothing is specially designed to adapt to your every need.

Regardless of the operational environment you find yourself in, your apparel will withstand plenty of wear and tear.

There are several unique technologies embedded into every piece, ensuring you’re sufficiently protected and comfortable.

A few examples of their innovative tech include:

  • Aclima Base Layer

This base layer helps keep you warm in mild to cool temperatures while offering moisture wicking at the same time.

  • Media Ports

When carrying electronics, the media port pockets keep your devices secure, safe, and flexible.

  • Adaptable Stretch

Even with the most durable materials, you will find that the apparel moves with your body for a custom fit.

  • Embedded Padding

In some tactical gear, there are embedded materials such as Airflex Combat Knee Pads.

Armor and Equipment

Armor and equipment are two other product categories available from Crye Precision.

They have an extensive list of high-quality and innovative armor designed for comfort, protection, and mobility.

Like the brand’s apparel, the unique technologies offer incredible benefits, such as improved weight distribution.

A few of the most notable pieces you’ll find include:

  • Adaptive Vest Systems
  • Airlite Armor
  • Cage Armor
  • Plate Carriers
  • Smart Pouches
  • Armor Components
  • Belts
  • Packs

Assorted Gear

To finish off your kit, you might be interested in some more everyday items.

You’re bound to find T-shirts, caps, and other civilian clothing items in the assorted gear category.

2. Blue Force Gear

Another fantastic USA-based tactical gear manufacturer is Blue Force Gear.

Their products are designed with advanced features that continually improve to adapt to modern needs.

If you are searching for tactical gear for harsh environments, there’s a wide assortment of products to consider.

Blue Force Gear is also home to a larger list of items you might be interested in.

Their product categories include slings, gear, pouches, EDC items, medical items, and military gear.

When visiting their technology page, you can browse for items based on their design.

Some of the most notable advanced items include Ten-Speed, ULTRAcomp, MOLLEminus, Helium Whisper, and Vickers Sling.

One of the most significant benefits of this manufacturer is that it has everything you could possibly need for tactical situations.

Let’s review some of the most innovative and adaptive technologies you’ll find in their gear.

Helium Whisper

Helium Whisper maximizes the amount you can carry while also lightening your load.

It’s one of the most revolutionary MOLLE attachment systems with an ultra-light, slim profile.

You’ll need significantly fewer attachment products to add customized pouches and bags to your MOLLE system.


With ULTRAcomp, you’ll be receiving high-performance, laminate protection and added water resistance.

The hydrophobic properties of the material make it exceptional for a wet environment where you need to stay dry and light.

You’ll also find that the innovative nylon is tear- and abrasion-resistant while also warding off fungus and bacteria.

Man wearing tactical gear


When it comes to preparing for any situation, Ten-Speed is the tech you want to have on hand.

You’ll find this technology in Blue Force Gear’s magazines, as it’s used to create military-grade elastic magazine holders.

With magazines stored, the pouches are designed to lie flat, and when ammo is removed, the pocket disappears.

Compared to standard magazine holders, you’ll have a more streamlined carrying experience.

It’s a fantastic feature to help you move quickly and effortlessly with less bulk.


If you’re a fan of MOLLE systems, you’ll fall in love with the MOLLEminus tech.

It is one of the most lightweight MOLLE systems on the market, similar to the Helium Whisper.

However, MOLLEminus combines the hydrophobic benefits of ULTRAcomp with the storage of Helium Whisper.

Vickers Slings

It’s time for you to revolutionize the way you carry your rifle for easy access and storage.

The Vickers Slings are crafted following critical points from experts and real-world experiences.

It’s also one of the most durable sling options with easy attachments, triglids, Cordura webbing, and more.

3. Safariland

Safariland products are the perfect combination of outdoor and tactical gear suitable for military and civilian applications.

The majority of their items are designed for law enforcement and the military but encompass an assortment of professions.

You’ll find many of the same products you can expect from other manufacturers, with a few couple differences.

Safariland specialized in armor, gear, accessories, communications devices, gloves, and holsters.

The way they have their products organized is somewhat unique, as it allows you to sort by profession.

For example, if you’re a law enforcement officer, you can find products specifically designed for that profession.

They also provide a list of gear for military personnel, shooting instructors, SWAT officers, hunting, and more.

Two significant product categories set this manufacturer apart from the rest: armor and hearing protection.

Hardwire Armor System

Safariland’s body armor sets itself above the competition by maximizing effectiveness and reducing weight.

With the Hardwire Armor System, you’ll be able to appreciate the benefits of protective soft body armor.

It’s a unique technology that allows for adequate shock dissipation and relentless stopping power.

Compared to other types of body armor, these panels are low-profile and more lightweight, ideal for tactical situations.

You’ll also find that its micromechanical structure makes it more breathable, perfect for warmer environments.

There are several key components to the Hardwire Armor System that makes it remarkable:

  • Micromechanical Structure

The armor’s structure has individual layers of Dyneema, which can withstand 25 million pounds of force.

  • Lightweight

Each of the ballistic panels is said to be up to 30% lighter and softer than any other armor.

  • Positive Buoyancy

While in water, your body armor will float because the panels have an incredibly low density.

Hearing Protection

There is an assortment of hearing protection products from Safariland, with the Liberators being the most revolutionary.

The Liberator is a next-gen headset explicitly designed for hearing protection while providing crisp and clear audio.

The ear cups are scratch-resistant and slim, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Some of their most notable features include:

  • Single or Dual Comm

Users can customize their headsets to allow for either single or dual communications.

  • Push-to-Talk

With the PTT feature, you can add a separate component that sends your comms only when needed.

  • Reduced Background Audio

You’ll have access to optimal hearing protection in any environment, especially around gunfire.

Other Recommended Tactical Gear Manufacturers

Apart from the top three manufacturers that carry the most modernized and adaptable gear, there are many others.


SureFire is a fantastic company for sights and other pieces of tactical accessories for weaponry.

The company was founded in 1969 by a Cal Tech engineer who wanted to advance industrial applications with technology.

Today, they are one of the most prestigious manufacturers of laser technology for firearms.

You’ll find an assortment of weapon-mounted lasers, suppressors, ear protection, and other parts and accessories.

They also have a collection of lifestyle products to consider.

Camel Bak

If you’ve ever hiked before, you’ve likely heard of Camel Bak and their revolutionary hydration bladder.

It’s important to note they also carry an extensive collection of everyday products, including outdoor gear.

If you’re in the market for tactical gear outside of armor and protective items, Camel Bak has an extensive collection.

You’ll find plenty of outdoors-related items, including vests, packs, bottles, waist packs, reservoirs, and accessories.


Tactical equipment is equally as crucial as apparel and other types of tactical gear, which is where Gerber is essential.

As one of the world’s most recognizable survival gear brands, you’re likely to use a Gerber tool at some point.

Their extensive collection of cutting tools, multi-tools, and knives are highly adaptable to any situation.

Whether you’re camping, defending yourself, or hunting, Gerber has everything you could need.

5.11 Inc.

5.11 Inc. is among the industry players that you can’t simply ignore because of the wide variety of revolutionary products that they offer.

Established in 1992 as a service apparel manufacturing company focusing on FBI Training Academy pants, they now have outdoor, fitness, and law enforcement and public safety service apparel and gear items.

That’s all thanks to the company’s service apparel and gear development team that collaborated with a dedicated team of public safety professionals.

Not only that but 5.11 Inc. also ensure that they stay updated with the key industry trends and industry certifications.

That enables them to continue to improve their line with reliable and durable tactical apparel, protective gear items, and other exciting products.

Final Thoughts

The complete list of tactical gear manufacturers could consist of hundreds of companies.

After all, if you search long and hard enough, you will find an almost endless list of brands to consider.

Between Safariland, Crye Precision, Blue Force Gear, and SureFire, though, we are more than confident that you will have all of the gear you could ever need.