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Tactical Boots Advice

Man wearing green tactical boots

How to Lace Tactical Boots the Right Way

Knowing how to lace tactical boots the right way will give you the support, comfort, and fit to perform better. After all, having loose shoelaces …


Black tactical boots

What Are Tactical Boots and Why Should You Wear Them?

Nowadays, it is customary to see the term “tactical” used on civilian items, like flashlights, knives, and backpacks. Our discussion will focus more on footwear. …


Beige tactical boot

Tactical Boots vs Hiking Boots: Key Differences and Similarities

Which footwear type would win a tactical boots vs hiking boots faceoff? If you are asking this question, you are not alone. Tactical gear like …


Two pairs of black tactical boots

Are Tactical Boots Waterproof?

Waterproof footwear should serve you well if you live in wet and marshy areas, but how about when you’re from a hot and dry region? …


Pair of tactical boots in snow

Are Tactical Boots Good for Snow?

Tactical boots are military boots, so that means they are some of the toughest shoes on the market. Yet, while they are made to withstand …


Tactical army equipment

How to Wear a Boot Knife Safely and Discreetly

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but a good knife will make your tactical outfit look sharper than a pen ever could. A knife is also a life-saving tool to have with you if you happen to find yourself in a life-threatening situation. These blades come in handy when you are doing field work as well.


Tactical boots worn in wet conditions

How to Waterproof Tactical Boots: A User Guide

Tactical boots are specially designed to help you maneuver comfortably and safely on challenging terrain and in all sorts of wet conditions like rain, mud, or snow. Learning how to waterproof tactical boots will help a great deal because you’ll be able to give your boots the best possible care, and you’ll stay nice and dry as you hike in even the soggiest areas.


Cleaning tactical boots

How to Clean Tactical Boots to Keep Them Looking Like New

A good pair of boots is one of the most essential tactical accessories. Learning how to clean tactical boots is one of the first things you should do after acquiring a new pair. With the right cleaning methods, you will prevent them from getting damaged, extend their lifespan, and keep them looking nice.


Tactical boots and cap

Tactical Gear Used by Navy Seals: A Comprehensive List

The tactical gear used by Navy SEALs, whether basic or exotic, is dependent on the kind of mission they are involved in at the time. …


Black tactical boots

How To Style Tactical Boots: A Guide for Ladies and Gents

Combat boots are the most rugged class of footwear available that provide comfort, support, and protection even in the most unforgiving terrain. It is probably …


Assortment of tactical gear

List of Tactical Gear Manufacturers You Can Trust

Having a list of tactical gear manufacturers will ensure you are prepared for any situation. Whether you’re out to buy more gear for work or …


Black tactical boot

How Should Tactical Boots Fit?

How should tactical boots fit? People often ask this question because tactical boots need to conform to the shape and size of your feet. Otherwise, …