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Under Armour Stryker Tactical Boots Review

Black tactical boots on black background

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Quick overview


  • Has a full-grain toe
  • Comes with collar foam and cushioning puck for support
  • Lightweight midsole for cushioning
  • High-traction pattern for ground contact
  • Durable PU structure


  • May be too heavy for smaller feet

If dealing with tough situations is a part of your job description, you need your boots for assistance, and that’s exactly what tactical boots are for.

While they’re particularly common in public services, police, and the military, you can also get yourself a pair for all your extensive hiking trips.

Besides providing matchless support, these boots are also comfortable for extended walking, owing to a firm outsole.

If you’re struggling to find a pair, this Under Armour Stryker Tactical Boots review will present you with a potentially suitable pair for your needs.

Black tactical boot

Under Armour Stryker Tactical Boots Review

Under Armour has been serving the American customership for years with a promise of providing performance solutions.

Their range of boots is arguably one of the best in the market and a favorite for people who always have an adventure on their minds.

The Stryker Tactical Boosts has been specially designed for such individuals using 100% synthetic and imported materials.

Who Is This Product For?

The Under Armour Stryker boots are the perfect choice for adventure-loving people who love a rush of adrenaline.

Whether you’re a military tactical officer or an avid hiker, these boots will keep your feet on the ground, both literally and figuratively.

Since they have a comfortably soft and firm interior, they allow you to perform long-hour shifts without experiencing any fatigue.

They also feature a no-nonsense, simple, and straightforward design that doesn’t become a hassle during training or patrolling.

Most importantly, they’re a must-have for your tactical bags because when there’s trouble in the field, these are the boots you’d want on your feet.

Apart from tactical purposes, these boots are also comfortable for hikers and travelers who need to walk a lot in extreme weather.

What’s Included?

The Under Armour Tactical Boots comes with recessed lace guards to prevent dragging. You’ll also get the box with black boots.

Their height is 7.75 inches, which might be a bit too big for smaller tactical bags.

Unfortunately, they’re only available in a single color, and people who prefer neutral colors will have to look elsewhere.

Black tactical boot

Overview of Features

The Under Armour Stryker Tactical boots are available in a comprehensive range of standard sizes. Plus, they have regular widths.

As for the ease of wear, it’s maximum since the boots have a side zip design.

  • High Abrasion Textile

Looking at the build of these boots, it’s easy to say that they’ve been made to withstand wear and tear.

First off, they have a high-abrasion textile that will serve as your reliable company in extreme weather conditions and on rugged terrains.

Second, the PU structure further adds durability to the design, ensuring considerable longevity.

Apart from protecting the shoe from damage, the PU build also safeguards your feet against snow, rain, splinters, and insects in the wild.

  • Lace Guards

The Under Armour boots have recessed lace guards that make it easy to tighten or loosen up the shoes and limit dragging.

You can simply turn the knob to adjust the boots’ tightness on your feet.

The feature is particularly useful when you’re in a rush and don’t have any time to spare on tying the laces.

  • TPU Heel Counter

Since the Under Armour Stryker boots have an external TPU heel counter, they offer reliable support.

They also keep your feet comfortable on the inside, allowing you to perform demanding tasks without pain or fatigue.

Besides providing comfort and support to your feet, the TPU heel counter also gives structure to the boots.

  • Charged Cushioning® Puck

When you’re out doing tactical tasks or making your way through the wilderness, you need all the support you can get.

From stepping on rocks to maneuvering through tight spots, these activities require you to have a solid grip on the ground.

Fortunately, Under Armour has pioneered the Cushioning Puck that offers responsive comfort under the heels.

  • EVA Midsole

Sandwiched between the outsole and the upper part, the midsole is the section of any shoe responsible for cushioning.

Under Armour midsoles follow the line of your foot, contouring to its shape.

The EVA midsole ensures you don’t feel the sharpness or hardness of any object under your feet.

EVA or ethyl vinyl acetate is a foam-like material that can withstand all possible pressures you experience during walking, including your weight and the terrain.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains the full benefits of EVA.

  • High-Traction Lug Pattern

Another remarkable feature of the Under Armour boots is the high-traction lug pattern, which is similar to that found on tires.

The lug pattern allows you to come to a stop almost instantly while staying close in contact with the ground.

If you’re a law enforcement official, this feature is particularly beneficial since it allows you to halt comfortably even while running.

Tutorial on How To Wear These Boots

Other than wearing them for duty, tactical boots are also popular for everyday styling.

If you’re wearing these Under Armor boots for outdoor activities, you should pair them with tactical pants.

Wearing the shoes like this keeps poisonous plants, diet, and bugs out. It also helps you stay safe from scrap and cuts.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing tactical pants for military duties, you should conform to your uniform requirements.

You can still blouse your pants if you want to since it will give you a secure fit.

If your pants don’t come with blouse bands, you can use elastic Velcro ones.

Put a pair of thick socks on and wrap a Velcro band around your ankles.

Then, put the tactical pants on and tuck their bottom in the elastic bands. Next, fold the remaining fabric over the band.

If your socks are showing, pull the fabric to hide them. Then, wear your boots, and you’re ready. For visual guidance, use this YouTube video.

Since these boots don’t come with laces, you can put them on easily.

Simply pull up the side zipper. If you want to tighten the boots, you can use the knobs on the top.


After reading this Under Armour Stryker Tactical Boots review, you might have noticed some shortcomings of these shoes.

If so, below are some great alternatives.

Battle Opps Men’s Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

Made for medical emergency service offices, firemen, and police, the Battle Opps boots are rugged and durable in the real sense.

Since they’re waterproof, you can wear them in all sorts of weather conditions without a worry.

They also feature EVA midsoles for shock absorption and immense cushioning.

Meanwhile, the fiberglass shank gives you torsional rigidity so that you can perform all your tactical activities with ultimate support and comfort.

As for the exterior, the rubber outsole is slip-resistant. Plus, it gives you high traction to walk and run comfortably in rugged terrain.

The Multi-Fit system makes these tactical boosts fit for all.

The inner insert is removable, providing enough toe room to keep you comfortable during whole-day action.

Owing to the removable insert, you can customize the boot’s width for medium and wide-footed individuals.

The Battle Opps tactical boots also have comfort pods in the heels. They offer a secure ankle fit and prevent slipping.

If you plan on wearing these boots with your military or professional uniform, you’d like the polishable toe.

Finally, the breathable membrane ensures sufficient air circulation, keeping your feet dry even after whole-day wear.

Bates Men’s 8″ Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

The Ultralite tactical boots are among the most popular styles from Bates, considering their durable build and flexible design.

Like the Under Armour boots, the Bates boots also have a side zip that makes it easy for you to take the shoes on and off.

The inner insert for these boots is removable, allowing you to adjust the width according to your feet.

Coming to the build, it’s also pretty impressive. The overall leather material is coupled with the performance nylon upper for additional protection.

On the inside, the boots have a moisture-wicking lining for breathability.

Whether you’re on a long-hour military duty or out for a hike, your feet are bound to get sweaty.

However, these boots’ inner mesh lining absorbs sweat to prevent odors and discomfort.

On top of that, they have cushioned EVA midsoles that provide matchless performance and high flexibility.

Thus, you can wear the Ultralite tactical boots daily or for routine patrols and professional requirements.

Even better, the boots have a slip-resistant outsole with a rubber construction. It keeps your grip steady on uneven surfaces.

Plus, it offers traction when you’re hiking in rugged terrain or running on a non-paved road.

Overall, these boots are quite lightweight compared to some other options, including the Under Armor boots.

Danner Men’s Fullbore Tactical Boots

Black tactical boot

Much like the Under Armour Boots, the Danner Fullbore tactical shoes have a rubber sole and ankle-high shafts.

The heel measures about 4.5 inches and provides support to the ankles during rapid movement.

These boots are a perfect pick for hikers, military professionals, police officers, and those working in emergency services.

Since they’re waterproof, they’ll stay safe in your military backpack even during rainy conditions.

More importantly, they have a Vibram platform sole, which offers a firm grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Plus, the platform has a tread pattern with directional lugs.

Therefore, you can walk or run comfortably while going up or down rocky terrain.

Vibram also perfectly complements the waterproof functionality since it keeps your tread firm in muddy puddles or wet grass.

Besides offering arch support and cushioning, the Fullbore tactical boots also have a breathable mesh lining that absorbs moisture efficiently.


Our Under Armour Stryker Tactical Boots review covered the good and bad of the boots.

Overall, these boots take the win for their side-zip construction, superior comfort, collar foam packaging, lightweight midsole, and high-traction lug pattern.

Although they may be a bit heavy, the benefits of these boots overshadow this slight shortcoming.

So, you can go ahead and purchase a pair!