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Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot Review

Man wearing tactical boots running in wet conditions

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Quick overview


  • Fits like sneakers
  • Very cushioned
  • Adequate ankle support
  • Stylish design


  • Lacks rigidity
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty tasks

On the hunt for a new pair of tactical boots?

There are plenty of great features to consider in this Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot review.

As a limited-edition release, they are a fantastic set of boots for everyday wear and outdoor activities.

You’ll also find that they feature many different technologies formulated to offer a true-to-size fit for all-day comfort.

Black tactical boot

Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot Review

What makes the Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot unique is how it is styled to combine functionality and fashion.

It also has the superior bootmaking quality that you would expect from other Timberland shoes.

At first glance, you can see how they are the perfect median between activewear and tactical gear.

You will have the sole of a pair of trainers with higher-quality materials designed to traverse over different types of terrain.

We especially love the idea of using these boots for camping and hunting, thanks to their improved comfort.

Who Are These Boots For?

Anyone searching for a versatile pair of tactical boots is bound to benefit from the Flyroams.

Their innovative approach to tactical wear makes them perfect for everyday outings and outdoor activities.

You’ll find that they also boast some of the highest-quality materials that Timberland has to offer.

Another unique aspect of these boots is that some materials are crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

After all, opting for an eco-friendly pair of footwear is the way of the future. As such, this pair puts modernization on your feet.

With that said, these boots aren’t the best option for military personnel or heavy-duty work.

Likely, they don’t have the safety features necessary for more severe applications, making them better for casual events.

What’s Included?

All of the most notable features of the Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot are built into the design.

There aren’t any other products we would recommend buying beforehand, even regarding waterproofing.

It could be advantageous to find a boot cleaner; however, the unique external coating on these boots already helps prevent staining.

Black tactical boot

Overview of the Features

These Timberland boots are one of the most laid-back tactical boots that could work well with any type of outdoor gear.

Here’s what you would get if you choose to wear them on your feet:

  • Aerocore Energy System

The first feature you’re bound to notice with these boots is their Aerocore Energy System.

This tech is patented by Timberland and features a three-layer system explicitly designed for comfort.

The first layer is the Anti-Fatigue Technology Footbed, crafted from premium materials for cushioning.

Underneath, you’ll find a foam midsole, which helps your feet have an adequate amount of security and stability.

As the final layer, you’ll have a non-marking outsole responsible for making these boots ideal for wearing in slippery environments.

All of the layers work together to provide optimal comfort, grip, and energy return.

With every step, the shoes will rebound with your feet, helping improve your gait.

Even if you’re walking for several hours at a time, you’re far less likely to experience significant fatigue.

  • Premium Waterproof Leather

Another significant advantage of these tactical boots is that they are made from high-quality leather.

The material has been thoroughly treated to be waterproof, making the footwear ideal for any environment.

As an added benefit, the leather adds a luxurious appeal to the exterior.

  • Recyclable Linings

One of the first features made with recyclable materials is the interior lining of these boots.

The lining is remarkably soft, helping keep your feet adequately padded.

It also helps offer a small amount of cold resistance for the cooler months of the year.

The inside of these boots is crafted using 50% PET, which is recycled plastic bottles.

When paired with a thick pair of socks, you’ll experience luxurious comfort like never before.

  • Recyclable Laces

The second part of the shoes crafted from recyclable materials is the laces.

Surprisingly, they are equally as strong as you would expect from other tactical laces.

Their high-tensile strength makes it exceptionally simple to find the perfect tightness to achieve a customized fit.

Also, the user-friendly lacing system lets you tailor the fit of your boots to your feet.

With the help of the eyelets, you can add extra support near the toe box.

  • OrthoLite Footbed

One of the best components that manufacturers put in their tactical boots is an OrthoLite Footbed.

This extra step of technology helps ensure you have all-day cushioning to prevent discomfort.

Also, you will find that the boots have outstanding shock absorption, ideal for tackling rough terrain.

  • Defender Repellent Systems

As mentioned, there’s no need to invest in extra sprays and coatings to protect the integrity of your new boots.

The Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot has a Defender Repellent System, which wards off stains and water.

Regardless if you spill wine, tree sap, or water on the boots, the liquid won’t soak in.

This feature helps make sure your boots look as new as possible for longer.

If you’re looking for shoes for young adults and teens, the remarkable quality of the weatherproofing is ideal.

Instead of buying new boots every season, you’ll find that this style lasts through the ages.

  • Recyclable Rubber Outsoles

As an added eco-friendly touch, the outsoles of these boots are made from 15% recycled rubber.

The thick and durable rubber outsole is remarkably stable on slippery surfaces, especially ice.

It also has a more athletic style than traditional tactical boots, adding to their casual flair.

  • Athletic Performance

We love the idea of having a pair of tactical boots suitable for warehouse work, everyday activities, and camping.

As you walk, these boots move with you, offering a similar feeling to sneakers.

They are also very lightweight, which makes them easy to wear for extended periods.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Knowing when and where to wear the Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot can help you make the most of your new shoes.

Ideally, these boots are meant for camping and streetwear rather than for expeditions and industrial work.

Fortunately, the premium materials used to craft the shoe withstand plenty of regular wear and tear.

You won’t have to worry about staining or water damage, too, as they are waterproof and stain-repellent.

The boots’ flexibility makes them a fantastic option for comfortable and versatile footwear.


Black tactical boot

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty alternative to the Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot, we recommend the Danner Wildland Tactical Boots.

These have a more structured build, making them ideal for tactical situations, military personnel, and law enforcement.

Some of the most impressive features of the Danner Wildland Tactical Boots include:

  • Fire-Resistant Upper

By far, the most significant component of these shoes is their upper, which is fire-resistant.

  • Full-Grain Leather

With full-grain leather, you will have thick and rugged materials that withstand plenty of wear.

  • Extreme Temperature Soles

If you need all-season tactical boots, the Wildlands have specialized soles that withstand extreme heat and cold.

  • Oil- and Slip-Resistant

It is easy to keep your balance on any surface with innovative oil-resistant and slip-resistant soles.

  • Plain Toe

The thickness of the full-grain leather on these boots lessens the need for steel toes, helping keep the footwear lightweight.

  • Extended Sizes

If choosing tactical boots is challenging because of your foot size, you’ll like that this style is available in extended sizes.

Are These Boots Worth It?

This Timberland Flyroam Tactical Boot review shows just how they are a fantastic everyday option to upgrade your style.

They have a fashion-forward design that is combined with premium and luxurious materials to elevate your look.

Also, they have an incredible level of comfort, making them perfect for everyday activities.