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Razer Tactical Backpack Review

Tactical backpack

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Quick overview


  • Water- and tear-resistant both inside and out
  • Impressive design
  • Plenty of space in every compartment


  • Expensive

Tactical backpacks are among the best choices not just for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists but also for first-responders and law enforcement officials.

In fact, you can use it as your everyday backpack.

If that’s something you want to do, who are we say you can’t do it, right?

While there are so many different types of tactical backpacks out there, choosing one may seem like a challenging task.

To help you find the best choice, take a look at this Razer Tactical Backpack Review.

Not only will it give you a glimpse of what might be one of the top choices on the market, but you may determine whether or not it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on.

If you are looking for a tactical backpack that might be your best friend in those moments when seconds count, keep reading.

Razer Tactical Backpack Review

Black tactical backpack

You never know when disaster is going to strike, but you can prepare and be ready when that happens.

Just pack a bag with supplies that will last you roughly 72 hours (the average time to bug out), and you’ll have a better chance of survival.

For that, you need a reliable backpack.

This Razer Tactical Backpack review aims to help you determine if this product is indeed what you’re looking for.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for someone who wants to keep an EDC backpack handy.

You may not dip into the bag every single day, but you’ll have it close by in case you need it.

Not only that, it can be tucked away in the trunk of your vehicle and will be within reach no matter where you go.

If you are someone who carries a pistol on a regular basis or spends time at the range as a competitive shooter, you might use this as a range bag.

With this, you’ll be able to carry extra pistols, magazines, a cleaning kit, and other firearm accessories.

In return, you get to spend the day at the range with enough ammo at your disposal.

You might even have your gun cleaning kit handy just in case you want to give one of your extra pistols a whirl.

Law enforcement officers and medics will put the Razer Tactical Backpack to fair use, too.

This because they need plenty of space for their gear, including AEDs, first-aid kits, and many other kinds of medical equipment required to save a life.

In every life-saving situation, you are always in a race against the clock.

Those who are prepared more will often do their best to work under duress and save a life while help is en route.

This EDC bag isn’t just for those bug-out situations.

It’s for any survival scenarios where you do everything you can to stabilize a patient before the rest of your EMT crew arrives.

What’s Included?

This tactical backpack is available in many sizes. You can choose between the 13-, 15-, or 17-inch version.

Choose the size that’s best for you, and you’ll have plenty of compartment space to pack everything you need in one bag.

This is made from nylon, which we all know is water- and tear-resistant.

In that case, it should come as no surprise that this backpack is durable.

For the price it’s going for, it is worth every penny having a backpack like this that lasts quite a while.

Aside from the usual zippered compartments, you have a dedicated space to store a laptop.

If you have a laptop measured at 17 inches or less, you can store it inside the compartment so that it is separate from everything else.

The last thing you want is a laptop getting jam-packed in a bag with the rest of your stuff.

Also included is a utility flap, which is perfect for small tools. In it, you can store a carabiner, drive storage, keys, and more.

Interior of black tactical backpack

Overview of the Features

Most tactical backpacks are useful in one way or another.

To know if this is for you, let’s look at each feature closely:

  • Ballistic Nylon Exterior

Ballistic nylon is the toughest kind of nylon you can find in a backpack.

What’s great about this is that it is water-resistant and tear-resistant, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true.

Alternatively, if you need to get off the grid and go into the woods, this backpack won’t get damaged in the slightest.

Compare that to regular backpacks that get torn or punctured when coming in contact with pointy branches, and you are to get your money’s worth.

  • Dedicated 17.3-inch Laptop Compartment

Are laptops an EDC tool? You be the judge.

But if you are using this bag for everyday use at the office or in class as a student, you may need a place to keep your laptop on hand.

At 17.3 inches, the dedicated compartment can fit most laptops.

Plus, it saves you a ton of frustration carrying this backpack and a case for a laptop at the same time.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and keep things in one reliable backpack?

  • Ripstop Interior

This Tricot-lined interior prevents scratches, punctures, and everything in between.

In other words, it is tear-resistant both inside and out.

Because of this, you can trust that it will protect even your most delicate items and materials.

Nothing will fall out because of some giant tear that formed due to long-term use and wear.

  • Utility Flap

Got loose objects that may fall out of your pocket or some other compartment?

You can store these essentials in a compartment that uses a utility flap for easy accessibility.

  • Mesh Weave Back Padding

Backpacks should not be uncomfortable to wear, especially when you will be carrying them on your back for longer periods.

Whether you are hiking or escaping danger, you’ll want to stay in motion without killing your back at the same time.

The mesh weave back padding is dual-layered with sturdy, soft foam that will ensure your back is properly supported, even when carrying a heavy load.

  • Roll-Top Design

This roll-top design not only provides you with better space for packing your much-needed items, but it is also intended to keep water out of the backpack itself.

This design is unique compared to most tactical backpacks that have those standard zippered tops.

How To Get the Most Out of It

As mentioned, a tactical backpack can be useful in so many ways.

Since it is resistant to water damage and tears, it would be best used by anyone who may be outdoors most of the time.

Like any normal backpack, you can add items like first-aid kits, water bottles, extra clothes, lighters (or firestarters), your compass, flashlight, and other essentials.

To test its durability, try and walk through wooded areas where there is plenty of brush and branches.

Unlike some backpacks where punctures can occur, the Razer Tactical Backpack will go through it all without any damage.


The only issue that many may have with this backpack is that it carries an expensive price tag.

If you are looking for an alternative, we recommend the Reebow Gear 3-Day Assault Pack.

Black tactical backpack

It is rugged in design and provides you with plenty of awesome features, including a Molle webbing system that will allow you to add on more attachments.

Plus, the price is almost four times less than what the Razer Tactical Backpack is going for.


The Razer Tactical Backpack is perfect for anyone looking for a backpack that is durable both inside and out.

You can use this for just about any intended purpose.

Whether it’s a bug-out bag, an everyday carry-on, or for hiking, this tactical backpack is worth every single penny.

It is a backpack that is difficult (if not impossible) to damage, built to last, and provides you with excellent comfort even when it is fully loaded and on your back.