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Orca Tactical Backpack Review

Close-up view of tactical backpack

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Quick overview


  • Waist and chest belts
  • Thick MOLLE webbing
  • Easily unzips
  • Impressive quality


  • Light-duty shoulder padding
  • Limited back structure

Wondering what makes a good tactical backpack?

For one, it has to have a multipurpose design that makes it a fantastic companion for camping, survival situations, hiking, and even everyday use.

It would also be best to choose one with an urban tactical design that doesn’t take away from its overall style.

Learn more about how essential this bag is to your way of living in this Orca Tactical Backpack review.

Black tactical backpack

Orca Tactical Backpack Review

After your first use, you’ll quickly see why the Orca is one of the top-tier options for military rucksacks.

You’ll have all of the space you could dream of with its massive storage in a small and convenient size.

Instead of being stuck with a burdensome backpack, most of the storage is evenly proportioned.

Moreover, this backpack helps answer any questions about how useful military packs can be.

The small and lightweight frame is exceptional for outdoor adventures with plenty of stable features.

You’ll also find that it has an impressive number of military-grade features that help it serve plenty of purposes.

For example, you can find double-stitching and reinforcements at every stress point.

Its exceptional dimensions are also what make it unique. It has 34 liters worth of storage in a bag measuring 11 by 18 by two inches.

By upgrading its exterior materials, the durability of the bag is far ahead of the competition.

You’ll no longer have to worry about rips and tears after one camping trip. Also, you’ll be sure your most expensive gear is sufficiently protected when traveling.

Who Is This Meant For?

There isn’t a specific group of people who will find this bag useful, as it’s incredibly versatile.

We recommend it for overnight trips, overseas travel, camping, and military purposes.

You might find the storage system is a little too extensive for daily commuting but can be useful for some.

If your old backpack or briefcase lacked storage, this bag is the perfect solution.

There are several integrated compartments as well as an external MOLLE storage system.

Organizing your bug-out bag for survival situations has never been simpler, too.

One of the primary reasons we suggest this backpack for longer trips is because of its storage.

You’ll be able to organize a spare set of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and any other essentials with ease.

The main compartment is also highly adaptable with extra storage bags, like shoe bags.

It can be challenging to invest in a backpack that wears down after a couple of excursions.

The 600D polyester material helps to maintain the integrity of your backpack over the years.

It helps to reduce the likelihood of rips and tears, even if you were to drag it against sharp rocks.

This backpack is also far more comfortable than many other tactical bags on the market.

You can guarantee the shoulder straps are a significant upgrade from standard backpacks as well.

The integrated padding and ergonomic fill are essential for reducing stress on your sensitive pressure points.

Black tactical backpack

What’s Included?

The backpack ships on its own without any additional accessories, which makes it ready to use immediately.

All of the intuitively designed features are built into the backpack, such as the compression strap and MOLLE system.

Our top recommendation is to consider purchasing D-rings so that you can put the MOLLE system to fair use.

The backpack also features a water bladder pocket but doesn’t come with a bladder.

You’ll be able to hold up to 1.5L worth of hydration in the pocket, which is essential to note.

Considering the main compartment is more extensive than standard backpacks, you should think of internal organization.

Purchasing extra packs and smaller bags, such as a toiletry bag, can help keep your valuables protected.

Also, extra storage is essential to ensure all of your belongings are correctly organized for ease of use.

Overview of the Features

Compared to other backpacks, this one has far more attention to detail in critical areas.

Here’s a list of its most impressive features:

  • High-Quality Materials

One of the first things to consider with a military backpack is its material. With this model, you’ll get a 600D polyester bag known for its durability and rigidity.

Over time, the material will break-in, making it more comfortable to carry even for extended periods.

It’s also important to note there’s plenty of double stitching at all of the bag’s stress points.

With this, the manufacturer can ensure the bag doesn’t tear at the seams.

Also, there’s specialized reinforcement put into the pressure points to reduce damage further.

The zippers are very impressive, too, featuring nylon pulls that are hand- and glove-friendly.

Compared to lower-end options, the zippers on this backpack are rust-resistant. This means you can expose them to changing weather conditions without any worry.

Also, there’s a unique exterior coating that makes the backpack water-resistant and scratchproof.

  • Modular MOLLE Design

The modular MOLLE design in the backpack is one of its most outstanding features.

There’s webbing on the front of the bag, allowing you to add MOLLE gear and patches.

There are also extra straps on the sides so that you can attach essentials like flashlights, knives, and more.

  • Compression Straps

The Orca can get large and bulky when it’s fully extended, making it challenging for everyday commuting.

However, the implementation of compression straps allows you to streamline the bag’s exterior for hassle-free travel.

You’ll find a Y-compression strap at the top as well as four compression straps on either side.

When you tighten the straps, they will cinch the bag’s height and width so that the backpack is smaller.

We highly recommend using the compression straps if you’re using the backpack for overseas travel.

This system also helps to keep you more agile in tactical situations.

Black tactical backpack annotated diagram
  • Comfortable Straps

If one of your complaints with your old backpack were discomfort, you’d be pleased with this design.

The shoulder straps are specifically designed to be more comfortable, with sports-style double-stitching.

Also, there’s plenty of padding added to each strap to reduce pressure on your shoulders.

Each strap boasts a mesh backing, which improves breathability, especially in hot and humid climates.

With the addition of the waist strap, you can reduce the amount of pressure on your back.

The waist strap is highly adjustable, allowing you to get a customized fit of the backpack.

  • Integrated Hydration Pouch

Rather than relying on water bottles, the integrated hydration pouch is a life-saver.

You can quickly add your favorite water bladder to the pocket and run the straw through the backpack.

It’s one of the most impressive features for outdoor adventures to ensure you’re always hydrated.

  • Storage

Storage solutions are essential for any backpack. And with tactical bags, you’ll have more than the main compartment.

Although the 34L main pocket is convenient, there are additional storage solutions, as well.

You’ll find two large compartments for bulkier items, such as extra clothes and shoes.

On the outside of the bag, there are also two front compartments designed for smaller accessories.

A unique storage solution is the integrated laptop compartment at the back of the bag.

You can quickly unzip the compartment between the shoulder straps to store your valuable electronics.

This pouch also acts as extra padding for your back to not get jabbed by anything sharp.

  • Internal Mesh Organization

In the two smaller compartments on the front of the backpack, you’ll find internal mesh organizers.

These pouches are essential for keeping your smaller gear protected and secure while traveling.

One pocket has two mesh pouches as well as a third larger mesh pouch.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Once you’ve received your new tactical backpack, we recommend unzipping the compartments to see your available storage.

This process will give you a good idea of what gear you’ll want to bring with you and where to organize everything.

Otherwise, you might find it’s too easy to overpack the bag, causing it to be heavier than expected.

You’ll also want to ensure that you correctly adjust the shoulder straps, waist belt, and chest belt.

By taking these steps, you can reduce the amount of pressure on your shoulders and back.

Fortunately, the material on the bag’s exterior is treated with a particular product that makes it water-resistant and scratchproof.

It’s a good idea to purchase extra water-resistant spray so that you can maintain the seal over the years.

In the event that you have to wash the backpack, do so by hand with a light detergent and allow it to air dry.

Washing machines can cause the water-resistant coating to wear away quicker than expected.


Black tactical backpack

The EMDMAK Military Tactical Backpack is a more affordable option than the Orca Tactical Backpack.

Both bags have similar features, although the EMDMAK bag has a couple of extra accessories.

Some of the most significant differences include:


When you purchase the EMDMAK Military Tactical Backpack, you’ll also receive the following:

  • 500ml MOLLE water bottle pouch
  • Two USA flag patches
  • 1.18” paracord lanyard keychain
  • Four D-rings

Large Capacity

If you’re concerned that 34L isn’t enough storage, this backpack is a better solution.

It has up to 42L of internal and external storage for all of your essential gear.

Most users will be able to store necessities for up to three days of travel.

Gadget Pocket

If you tend to travel with many electronics, there are a couple of storage options in this bag.

First, you’ll find that it has a dedicated gadget pocket at the bottom.

There’s also an internal laptop pocket with a built-in strap to keep your laptop secure.

Water-Resistant Material

Instead of having a water-resistant coating, this backpack is made with specialized material.

The 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric are water-resistant on their own, so you won’t need to upkeep the seal.

Is the Orca Tactical Backpack For You?

This Orca Tactical Backpack review helps you quickly learn that it’s a versatile and well-designed option for tactical needs.

All in all, it has a handy design that makes it ideal for commuting as well as adventuring outdoors.

With plenty of internal and external storage, it’s an exceptional way to keep your gear organized.