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Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote Review

Pair of brown tactical boots alongside American flag

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Quick overview


  • No break-in period required
  • Plenty of toe room
  • Incredibly comfortable insole
  • Impressive ankle support


  • Tread wears away quickly
  • Challenging to lace

Looking for your next best pair of military-approved footwear?

This Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote review might just have the answers you’re looking for.

These boots feature a list of iconic technologies custom-made for Merrell products, which speaks to their quality.

They also have an effortlessly stylish appeal, suitable for relatively any service member worldwide.

Brown tactical boot

Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote Review

At first glance, it is easy to see how these boots are among the most popular on the market.

They feature the quintessential aesthetic of most military boots, especially with their AR670-1 compliance.

Not only do they look fantastic when paired with most uniforms, but their performance is also well above standard.

When you invest in these boots, you’ll be investing in comfort, support, and security.

Compared to other tactical boots, they have more unique technologies built into their design to guarantee all-day comfort.

When discussing the technology in these boots, you’ll find patented features you won’t find elsewhere.

For example, you’ll experience Kinetic Fit Advanced insoles paired with Merrell Air Cushion Viz.

Each of the components blends to create a well-rounded pair of tactical boots designed for hours of continuous wear.

Who Are These Tactical Boots For?

The modernization of these MQC boots will help them transcend throughout the years, becoming a staple in your kit.

However, they are not only for active-duty situations; they can also be helpful for hiking and outdoor activities.

With a fit similar to athletic footwear, you will feel like your boots were custom-designed for your feet.

It’s important to note that although they are comfortable, they don’t lack performance where it’s needed most.

If you’re searching for an upgrade from your standard tactical boots, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this design.

One of the most impressive upgrades is their breathability, essential for hot environments.

For those with sweaty feet, these boots offer a combination of medial venting and mesh lining for airflow.

The more air you get inside, the less habitable it is for bacteria, eliminating any unappealing smells.

Overall, they are an outstanding choice if you are in the market for a long-lasting pair of boots that can take a beating.

What’s Included?

When you order the Merrell MQC Tactical Boots, you will quickly realize that everything you need is built into the shoes themselves.

The laces are likely to be packaged separately, allowing you to lace them as desired.

It could also be beneficial to invest in a second pair of laces to have a backup.

Another product to consider purchasing separately is a waterproofing spray and suede cleaner.

Although the shoes are somewhat water-resistant on their own, an extra coating improves their resistance.

You’ll need a suede cleaner to ensure they meet uniform standards and don’t show signs of wear over time.

Overview of the Features

Whether hiking through treacherous conditions or embarking on stealthy missions, these Merrell boots are adaptable to any situation.

Here are reasons that explain why:

  • AR 670-1 Compliant

When managing the look of your uniform, servicemen and women must be compliant with the current standards.

As a member of the Army, you will need to focus on the color and style of your boots.

Fortunately, when you opt for the coyote colorway of these boots, they are certified as AR 670-1 compliant.

One important note to consider is that the coyote tan is slightly lighter than expected.

Over time, their vibrance will dim, but it can also be beneficial to consider soaking the suede to dull them down.

With that said, these boots are sold at on-post retailers, so they should be clear to wear.

  • Suede and Synthetic Mesh

There are two primary materials used to construct these boots: suede and synthetic mesh.

The suede material is soft yet rugged, offering a high-quality and high-performance exterior.

With such an impressive material, you’ll find that the boots are abrasion-resistant as well as scratch-resistant.

The most considerable advantage of the non-wicking textile upper is to help limit dirt from entering the boots.

It can also be beneficial for airflow, as we discuss further below.

  • Breathable Design

The most prestigious feature of these boots is their breathability, especially when compared to other tactical designs.

Their breathability makes them ideal for extreme temperatures and those with sweaty feet.

You’ll first notice the breathable mesh lining, which helps hug your feet inside the boot while promoting airflow at the same time.

There’s also the integration of medial venting surrounding the boot to allow unrestricted airflow.

As such, you’ll find that after hours of hiking, your feet will stay cool and dry.

However, during the winter, breathability can also help to circulate warm air through the interior.

  • Traditional Lacing

If you’re not interested in some of the more unique lacing options on the market, these are a great alternative.

They feature a traditional lacing system, making them easy to put on and take off.

Also, the rugged eyelets maintain your lace’s positioning, keeping your boots secure all day.

  • Bellowed Tongue

There’s nothing more frustrating than wearing your new tactical boots in sand and dirt, only to get some in your shoes.

With the help of a bellowed tongue, debris will be kept on the outside of your shoes so that you can walk comfortably.

You’ll also find that this tongue design rests gently against the top of your foot, helping to prevent chafing.

  • Kinetic Fit Advanced Insole

The first revolutionary technology included in these shoes is their Kinetic Fit Advanced insole.

The insoles offer optimal arch and heel structure, ensuring your feet are held in an ergonomic position.

There’s also a specialized integrated cushion pod that fights against foot fatigue.

Compared to traditional insoles, these offer medium support for more demanding activities.

The Kinetic Fit Advanced insoles also feature an intuitive shape for zonal support and odor control.

You’ll have the added benefit of a mesh liner crafted from recycled EVA to keep your feet dry.

  • Merrell Air Cushion Viz

If cushioning is what you’re looking for in tactical boots, Merrell Air Cushion Viz is ideal.

It provides full-width heel cushioning using cutting-edge tech to guarantee a more expansive cushioning zone.

When your feet are in your boots, they will feel like they are being cradled and supported for optimal stability.

With the addition of this support, you’ll be able to encourage proper foot alignment with each stride.

It’s one of the better technologies in this Merrell footwear designed for extended wear and walking.

  • Molded Arch Shank

A feature you are likely to come across with tactical boots is the shank, which assists with midfoot support.

In these boots is a molded arch shank that is engineered to be anatomically accurate.

With the help of the solid platform, you’ll experience plenty of support in the middle of your feet with comfortable flexibility.

As you walk, the entirety of the shoe moves with you, adapting to your gait.

  • Merrell M. Select Grip Outsole

Having reliable traction across an assortment of outdoor surfaces is essential for anyone.

The Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote has a specialized outsole designed for improved traction.

With the M. Select Grip, you’ll have an outsole that tunes itself to the terrain you’re walking on.

From rocky inclines to slick surfaces, there is plenty of grip for you to take advantage of.

Another advantage of the outsole is that it helps retain the quality of your boots.

With this, managing rugged trails and city streets has never been simpler.

How to Get the Most Out of It

When you invest money in a quality pair of tactical boots, maintaining them over the years is of the utmost importance.

There are several vital tips that you can follow to preserve the integrity of your Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote, such as:

Remove Dirt

It is common for servicemembers to rotate their boots so that each pair gets an even amount of wear.

The first step is to make sure dirt is removed from the outside and underside of the boots.

If you were to leave caked-on debris, it could cause permanent staining to the material as well as damage.

Mud is one of the most destructive materials, as it’s wet and can carry grit into the delicate seams of your footwear.

For these boots, we recommend purchasing a suede cleaner to keep them in pristine condition.

Drying Time

Another important part of preserving your tactical boots is to ensure they have an adequate amount of drying time.

Whether you’ve traversed through a river or if you’ve just finished cleaning them, they need to dry.

If they’re left wet, colonies of bacteria will find homes in the insole and stitching, causing unappealing odors.

Protective Coatings

One of our top recommendations for protecting your boots is purchasing protective coatings.

These products are typically aerosol and can be quickly applied before the first time you wear the shoes.

Consider a dirt- and a water-repellent solution, as they can boost the water-resistance of the material.

Both will be easy to apply before wearing your shoes for the first time.

Note that you’ll likely have to wait several hours for the spray to dry on the surface to protect the outer materials.


Black tactical boot

One of our favorite alternatives to the Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote is the Mil Tec Tactical Side Zip Boots.

A few of the most notable features they offer include:

  • Thinsulate Insulation

These boots are highly recommended for colder weather, thanks to their added layer of Thinsulate insulation.

  • Side Zipper

Instead of relacing your boots, you can use the side zipper for quick entry.

  • Padded Tongue

To help prevent chafing at the top of your foot, the tongue boasts comfortable padding.

  • Speed Lacing System

If you need to tighten your new boots, you’ll love the innovative speed lacing system they offer.

  • Reinforced Heel and Toe Cap

You’ll find added security in the two most vulnerable areas of the boots: the heel and toe cap.

Are These Boots Worth It?

With this Merrell MQC Tactical Boots Coyote review, you can purchase a high-quality pair of tactical boots without fear that they will give up on you.

These MQC shoes are specifically designed for tactical operations as well as everyday wear.

You’ll also love their versatility, making them a phenomenal option for camping and outdoor work.