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Fox Tactical Backpack Review: Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack

Close-up view of brown tactical backpack

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Quick overview


  • Good build quality
  • Huge main compartment
  • Padded straps and back area
  • Practically designed for many situations
  • Versatile and breathable
  • Easy to organize


  • Best to limit the packed weight to around 40 pounds
  • Weight distribution not good for all heights

Full-feature tactical combat bags have many things you need to check out, so how can you determine if they’re a good fit?

Today’s Fox Tactical Backpack review focuses on the Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack.

By covering this bag in great detail, we can help you figure out if you are the right wearer for this unique tactical combat pack.

You can use it for military purposes and beyond, so don’t be afraid if you don’t plan to be training for combat.

From an everyday bag to a hiking pack, the Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack’s advanced features make it a great option for many applications.

Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack

Black tactical backpack

Fox Outdoor Products has been specializing in distributing and importing outdoor and military apparel and gear for decades.

Although they’re based in Illinois, Chicago, they distribute their products worldwide; in fact, they have main and supplement catalogs where you can check their awesome products.

They’re also considered as one of the leading international innovators and suppliers of packs, bags, and gear items.

Additionally, more than 150 of their fantastic products carry the National Tactical Officers Association or NATO seal.

They have seven brand lines, namely Fox Adventure™, Fox Cargo™, Fox Enforcement™, Fox Military™, and Fox Tactical™.

Their Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack has various features that make it useful in many different scenarios.

Even so, you need to take the time to find out if what it offers fits your scope or needs.

The number of features might too much for some but just enough for others.

Who Is This Product For?

The three-day tactical backpack by Fox Outdoor Products is great for many people.

Its compartmental organization, webbing, and loops make it a good option for those seeking an everyday bag or a military-style bag.

Those who love to hike and go out on the trail will find that the Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack is a very practical choice.

If you’re someone who changes what you like to do from day to day, you will enjoy how easy it is to re-arrange this bag to suit the day’s needs.

That said, the Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack isn’t the best choice for those who carry more than 50 pounds of weight in their pack.

That is because it may be too hard to get the right weight distribution, giving you a hard time not just in terms of packing but also while traveling.

Still, it might be possible depending on your build, height, and the packed items.

What’s Included?

There are no additional accessories or items included with the Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack.

It has many pockets, webs, and loops, but you need to purchase all add-on modular accessories separately if desired.

Rear view of black tactical backpack

Overview of Features

There is nothing on the Fox Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack that was added or left off without thinking about it first.

That shows through when looking at its features, such as:

  • Material Used and Capacity

The Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack is a 100% polyester bag made from an extra-heavy-duty 1200 Denier material.

Unlike sling backpacks, it has a high capacity at 69L or 4,224 cubic inches, but the bag itself weighs around 2.5 pounds.

Color-wise, you can choose from three different natural tones namely black, coyote, and olive drab, making it a unisex option.

When it comes to the bag’s closures, you’ll find quality snap closures and heavy-duty, self-healing zippers that are perfect for sandy, dirty, and muddy conditions.

This bag’s stitching is also worth mentioning as it’s of the box x style, making it rugged and strong.

As for its attachment clips, they’re made from metal rather than plastic, ensuring durability.

  • Compartments and Organization

Each of the pockets, panels, and connection points on the Fox Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack was designed very thoughtfully.

There are three primary compartments, six internal pockets, and four external pockets that you can use to store and secure larger and important items.

In addition to these things, it also has various mesh pockets and cinch straps for more storage on every part of the bag.

They’re useful enough to accommodate small, usable items.

You’ll also find loop panels where you can put your IDs and patches for quick, easy identification purposes.

The backpack’s front compartment also has many different accessory pockets that make it easy to put things in specific yet easy-to-access locations.

Fox Outdoor Products also added a zippered hydration pocket, a removable kidney pad, and dual hydration ports.

That way, if you have a hydration bladder, you can easily hydrate during your hike or travel without the need to remove the bag from your back.

  • Security

When you’re out and about, the bag you carry shouldn’t only organize and store all the items that you need.

It must also be capable of keeping your items safe and secure. This bag has a few features that solve problems in a very intuitive and easy way.

The Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack front has a side zipper that allows you to reach into one of the front compartment pockets without opening the bag.

Additionally, its large bottom pocket and two side pockets can balance the weight.

  • Comfort

Fox Outdoor Products didn’t forget to address comfort when putting the Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack together.

All of the straps are padded and adjustable, making it easier for you to get a comfortable fit and adjust while moving if necessary.

The back part of this bag also has padding and is made from a breathable material using patented Keep Cool technology.

This feature helps keep the back cool while moving and can make a big difference in your fatigue levels during a long day on the move.

  • MOLLE Compatibility

MOLLE webbing is one of the things you will want to consider when purchasing a day assault type pack.

This feature will allow you to attach aftermarket gear items or those that you already own and need to carry on your trip.

Fortunately, this particular bag has MOLLE webbing on its shoulder straps, front, sides, and bottom.

  • Support

Apart from ensuring you have a comfortable pack, it’s also best to check if you have a bag equipped with enough support features.

That way, you won’t have to worry about neck, back, and shoulder fatigue commonly caused by carrying a heavy backpack that doesn’t provide or only provides minimal support.

Attached to the Fox bag’s padded shoulder strap is a chest strap equipped with a snap closure that helps provide a tight grip around your body.

Another is the hip straps, found right under the kidney or lumbar pad, with snap buckle closures that you can lock and serve as a waist belt.

These straps help distribute the bag’s weight throughout your upper body, limiting the pressure that usually goes to the shoulders only.

Another great thing is that you can adjust the waist strap and sternum strap to match your body shape and size, preference, and bag weight.

Adjustability enhances both the comfort and support capabilities of the Fox Tactical Scout Day Pack.

For instance, when the bag’s weight is reduced because you already consumed some of the food and beverages you packed, you would need to tighten the straps a bit.

Side view of black tactical backpack

How to Pack Your Tactical Bag

Packing this type of bag is very different from packing a suitcase or tossing your things into a school backpack before class.

Another important thing to learn is the right way to use the tactical loops on your bag.

This type of pack is designed for organization, usability, and efficiency.

You want to make sure that your packing style lines up with these things in mind.

Below is one of the ways on how to pack your tactical backpack that many experts and Fox Tactical Backpack reviews also recommend.

A Note on Frequently Accessed Items

The first thing you want to do is pull aside the items you want to quickly and frequently access.

If you’re going hiking, this might be your trail snacks and water bottle.

If you’re using this as an everyday bag, that would be your ID, wallet, keys, cellphone, and similar items.

You should put all these items into the easy-to-access pockets and places that your tactical bag has.

Explore where would be the most natural for you to put things first.

The Layer System

Other items that you will not be using so frequently should be put into the main compartment of the bag unless it would make sense to store them elsewhere.

In most cases, the best way to pack this type of bag is to use a layering system.

The idea is that if you put large and heavy items at the bottom with lighter items at the top, it will be easier and more comfortable to carry your bag.

  • The Bottom Layer

At the bottom of your bag, objects you need the least and are heaviest should be at the bottom of the bag.

For example, you won’t need your spare clothes until you fully unpack the bag, so they can go at the bottom.

  • The Middle Layer

Things that you may need at any point in your journey or would be useful in an emergency should go in this layer.

It could be your extra food, warm layers of clothing, or even your shelter.

These are relatively easy to access but do not get a priority spot.

  • The Top Layer

Light items, like a poncho or a pair of socks, can go at the top of the bag alongside items you would use frequently.

It will help balance the bag while also ensuring that you can logically access things.


Has this Fox Tactical Backpack review not hit the mark for you?

Below are two other quality products that you can consider, especially if you’re on a budget, as they’re a bit more affordable than the excellent pack by Fox Outdoor Products.

ProCase 3 Day Military Assault Pack Tactical Backpack

ProCase has a similar Three-Day Tactical Backpack, which is a great choice for those looking for an entry model since it is lighter on features than this Fox bag.

With a total capacity of 42L, this awesome pack is a little smaller but more affordable than the Fox bag.

It also has a padded shoulder strap and breathable and padded back for comfort, a chest or middle strap for added support, multiple compartments, and MOLLE webbing.

However, it doesn’t have a waist or butt stock strap that would otherwise provide added support.

5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack

Many people also swear by the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack and it’s not hard to see why.

This bag is another great alternative if you’re looking for something that puts an even higher emphasis on durability and build-quality.

Although smaller than the ProCase and Fox Tactical Scout Day Pack, this 37-liter bag is roomy and has enough compartments to organize your small and large items.

You can also have additional items attached to the bag via its SlickStick or MOLLE webs.

Additionally, it’s made of 1050D nylon and has a water-repellent coating, YKK zippers, a padded shoulder strap, and a chest or middle strap.

However, this bag also doesn’t have a waist or butt stock strap.

Fox Tactical Backpack Review: The Verdict

The Fox Outdoor Products Advanced Three-Day Combat Pack is a large, smart tactical backpack made to fit a lot of items in a logical, organized, and customizable way.

This mid-range pack balances its features with durability in a great way for even serious adventurers.

The advanced features that this bag offers, from heavy-duty fabric to one of the best organization systems you can find, are impressive.