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First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack Review

Army green tactical backpack

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Quick overview


  • Super comfortable waist belt
  • Easy to pack and organize
  • Great build quality
  • Nice variety of pockets
  • MOLLE ready


  • Best for wide frames
  • Limited color options

Searching for the right bag can be very difficult. The process only gets more complicated when you are looking for an advanced tactical backpack.

You can narrow your search by taking a closer look at one popular pack in today’s First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack review.

Whether you’re hoping to go hiking, heading into a military situation, or wanting a bag that offers something more than a traditional pack, tactical backpacks may solve your problems.

First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack

Beige tactical backpack

As a young US-based company, First Tactical offers a lot of useful gear and apparel for outdoor adventurers and those in the military.

They have pants, shirts, footwear, and of course, tactical backpacks that can also be used as everyday items.

Their Specialist 3 Day Backpack is one of their many products that gained popularity in a short period because of the many useful features it offers.

Who Is This Product For?

The First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack is a 56L tactical backpack outfitted with a wide variety of features to make it a practical utility bag for many people.

It is great for those who are heading into military situations, as it has the modularity necessary to personalize the bag for different scenarios.

That does not mean, though, that this bag is only good for military users.

It is also great for those who like to hike, camping, go on outdoor adventures, or put together an emergency prep bag.

Since this is a 56L bag, it is large enough to hold a few day’s worth of supplies, making it ideal for those trying to prepare on that scale.

That said, a more compact bag will be more practical for shorter day hikes or day trip scenarios.

Still, those with specific needs may find that the size of the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack is good for those applications.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack, you’ll receive the bag itself and nothing else.

While there aren’t any modular add-ons included, this bag has MOLLE webbing on the outside which means that many accessories can easily be added.

These can be purchased from a variety of brands and would be an additional cost to you.

Beige tactical backpack

Overview of Features

When you unbox the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack, some of the things you’ll quickly notice are:

  • Overall Construction

The First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack is a 56L backpack that weighs around 4.45 pounds.

It’s made with durability and long-term use in mind, as the manufacturer used water-resistant nylon material.

  • 190° Main Compartment Zipper

Packing this backpack is easier than some similar bags because of the main compartment’s zipper styles.

The high-quality YKK zipper opens nearly the whole way around.

That means you can fully open the front flap to put things in and out of the bag.

Packing this way also makes it easier to get to things in any part of the main compartment without removing all of your items.

  • Adjustable Straps

First Tactical gave this bag a few different adjustable straps to make it work for any body shape.

The compression straps are also moveable to make sure that the bag is balanced where it needs to be.

You can also adjust the padded waist belt to your size, which makes a big difference in how comfortable you are carrying the bag.

The First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack also has a removable sternum strap that you can use as needed.

Many people find this to be necessary with a tactical bag.

All of these things work together to make sure that the bag is very comfortable to carry.

While cheap tactical bags may have straps that fail or snap during your first adventure, that will not be the case with the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack.

  • Optional Backboard Stay

The back of this tactical backpack has a removable backboard stay inside.

You can use the stay as a split or paddle in emergencies and serve as a great frame for the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack.

Keeping the stay in the bag is good for some people since it gives the bag a great surface to keep everything in place while packing and moving.

  • Hook and Hang Systems

The First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack is ready for MOLLE customization through the hook and loop webbing found on the main compartment’s front.

The bag is also compatible with First Tactical’s rifle sleeves; the simple hook and hang system makes it easy to add this type of rifle carrying parcel to your bag.

The flexibility of having this system is what makes it truly modular.

You can make the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack into anything you want with ease or use it as is.

Rear view of beige tactical backpack

Tips on How to Use MOLLE on Your First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack

Many tactical backpacks, including the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack, can be incredibly personalized for use if you take advantage of the MOLLE system.

MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, is commonly used for tactical gear.

It allows you to easily add, remove, and adapt things to be easily carried with your tactical bag.

From webbing to loops, you can make the bag work perfectly for your needs through it.

To do this, though, you need to know how to attach things to the webbing properly.

Learning how to do that will prepare you to use the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack more effectively.

Many people just guess how these straps are supposed to work, and then they are upset whenever the bag is not balanced, or the add-ons fall off.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid those things from happening to you:

  • Every Attachment has MOLLE Straps

Anything you want to adapt to fit on your bag that is MOLLE-friendly will have MOLLE straps.

These straps are important for you to attach things to your pack properly and securely.

  • Straps Should Be Woven In

Some people will simply tuck the accessories by pulling the straps through the tactical loops, but that isn’t enough.

You should weave the traps back and forth through the webbing on both your backpack and attachment to keep everything in place.

  • Secure the Ends

Once you’re finished weaving in the straps, make sure you secure the ends with either clips or Velcro.

The good thing is that most tactical bags are set up to make the process easy to do.

  • Practice

The best way to get good at attaching things to your tactical bag is to practice.

Try out different configurations to see what feels balanced, gives you the most usability, and suits the overall pack you are trying to create.


If at this point of our First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack review you think the features of the bag aren’t for you, then we found great alternatives.

We understand that some people don’t need a pack that is as big as or has plenty of features as the First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack.

If you want to stick to the same company, First Tactical also has a half-day backpack style that cuts back some of the three-day features in favor of a smaller, lighter, and more affordable build.

As the name implies, it is perfect for shorter adventures, usually those who don’t prefer to have an overnight stay.

On the other hand, anyone who wants to go in on an entry-level model that can still utilize MOLLE attachments will find that the CONDOR Convoy Outdoor Pack is a solid choice.

That is especially for individuals who still haven’t decided if outdoor adventures are a perfect addition to their lifestyle.

First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack Review: The Verdict

Choosing your bag is important so take your time to ensure that you get the size and setup you want most in your tactical bag.

The First Tactical Specialist 3 Day Backpack is an incredibly versatile, heavy-duty, and reliable bag pre-set for a full organization.

Not only is the material used durable and water-resistant, but the zippers used on the bag are also high-quality.

Random failures will always be possible when using a backpack, but the risk of that type of situation developing is lower with this pack.

Build quality is incredibly important, so it is good that First Tactical kept that as a priority while making the backpack.