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First Tactical Operator Boots Review

Brown tactical boot

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Quick overview


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Does not need a break-in
  • Lightweight


  • Laces don’t last
  • Not for standing all-day

One of the essential gear items for first responders, but often overlooked, is their footwear. Hence, this First Tactical Operator Boots review.

We want to highlight the features of these boots and why they are perfect for high-pressure roles in any mission.

Tactical boots, commonly associated with the military and police, provide high levels of protection and help improve performance.

Additionally, this footwear category is ideal for other industries, including couriers, paramedics, and security services.

We will also look into possible alternatives for our featured footwear and see what they have to offer.

First Tactical Operator Boots

Brown tactical boot

The First Tactical company, founded in 2015, makes functional and durable products for professionals.

One of its creations is these men’s operator boots, initially released last December 2020, suitable for outdoor activities and rough conditions.

This quality footwear was developed and produced to cater to special teams and enhance their efficiency during an operation.

Who Are These Operator Boots For?

First Tactical initially designed these seven-inch operator boots for first responders and law enforcement personnel.

However, their practical and comfortable design makes them suitable for non-uniformed individuals working in other industries.

This valuable footgear is for different situations and occasions, including rucking, hiking, and other strenuous activities in rough conditions.

Comfortable tactical boots are perfect for everyday wear, like these operator boots from First Tactical.

What’s Included?

As you receive your order, you’ll expect one pair of high-quality First Tactical Operator Boots wrapped in protective parchment paper.

The boots are placed inside a white box with the company’s name, logo, and some vital information about the brand.

Brown tactical boot

Overview of the Features

The designers from Frist Tactical put a lot of thought into this Operator Boot model to ensure comfort and durability.

It’s available in two colors, black and coyote brown, and comes in various standard sizes, giving you plenty of options.

Here are other features that are worth checking out:

  • Upper

A footwear’s breathability is essential for the wearer’s comfort and hygiene; hence, a breathable fabric air mesh is used to cover the boot.

It also has TPU detailing glued onto the air mesh fabric for design and structural support.

This well-ventilated boot uses enhanced airflow pockets and an Ortholite foam to comfort the wearer on hot days.

It also uses a welded construction, providing durability and flexibility, ensuring it can withstand high-level missions and activities.

  • Midsole

The midsole features a closed-cell foam made of full EVA for an excellent cushioning effect and stability.

It also has an open-cell dual-density foam insole and a molded foam cuff for better heel hold and protection.

There’s an open cell foam on the upper ankle and tongue for high-level breathability, lightweight comfort, long-term cushioning, and moisture management.

  • Outsole

The outsole is durable rubber with no exposed EVA showing from the bottom heel removing delamination problems.

Also, the oil and slip-resistant sole uses a non-marking material with the First Tactical’s trademark tread pattern.

These combined features allow you to use them on loose rubble, slippery or wet surfaces, and uneven and steep terrain.

The small heel cutout on the sole enables you to step on a ladder safely.

Also, a TPU lightweight heel clip centers it over the midsole for an excellent heel strike and stability on the cup.

  • Running Shoe Platform

Engineers from First Tactical got their design inspiration from professional athletes for the operator boot’s platform.

It features the company’s TorsionFlex technology composite shank made of fiberglass, lighter than steel by 75%.

The overall design of the footwear makes it comfortable and flexible, like running shoes but durable, like tactical boots.

  • Seven Inches High

The upper part of this operator boot measures seven inches, making it perfect for rucking activities, first responders, and law enforcers.

Combining the high upper boot design and a comfortable insole provides ample space for your foot to move freely inside.

This support helps prevent your ankle from rolling, eliminating any risks of spraining them.

  • Gusseted Tongue

The durable laces go all the way up, while the gusseted tongue keeps them in place and prevents debris from entering the boots.

The closed loops’ upper hooks help prevent external items from getting caught up on them.

Additionally, the top of the tongue holds a pouch where you can tuck the tied end laces inside instead of creating hotspots by putting them in your boots.

The impressive fit and construction of the ankle collar provide excellent comfort and stability to the boots.

  • Additional Features

One unique feature of these First Tactical operator boots is the Achilles Flex Point behind the footwear that can help prevent Achilles tendon injuries.

It can also alleviate hotspots.

As the most significant tendon in the human body, it allows you to flex the calf muscle to jump, run, or walk.

Additionally, the boot has a pull tab that lets you tug it while it stays flat instead of sticking up, allowing the pant leg to glide smoothly over the boot.

Moreover, on each side of the upper cuff is a hidden pocket where you can hide small SERE tools or a scorpion knife from First Tactical.

How to Get the Most Out of the Boots

To ensure that you get the most out of your First Tactical Operator Boots, you must know where and when to wear them.

We know these operator boots were made with the first responders in mind, but they work perfectly well for other outdoor activities.

As a multipurpose footwear, it’s the perfect gear for situations where one needs comfortable and lightweight boots.

When getting a pair of these tactical boots, ensure you get the right size for a proper fit and comfort.

Moreover, a rubber outsole with excellent traction will allow you to hold your ground better.

Here’s a video review from First Tactical:


As an objective and comprehensive First Tactical Operator Boots review, here are two other pairs of tactical boots you can consider:

HANAGAL Lightweight Tactical Boots

If you are looking for more affordable footwear than the First Tactical Operator Boots, you can check out HANAGAL Lightweight Tactical Boots.

Since its founding in 1998, the Hanagal brand has specialized in creating tactical boots suitable for climbing, hiking, running, and everyday activities.

Here are the key features:

  • Upper

These eight-inch breathable and ultra-lightweight tactical boots are made of durable, soft, and high-quality suede leather, providing comfort to the wearer.

The boots’ sides have vents allowing better air exchange, keeping them dry and free of any smell.

With their ultralight design, you can wear these boots for airsoft, duty, hiking, interceptor, motorcycle, winter work, security, and more.

The unique and double-stitching design of these tactical boots gives them the durability and strength necessary to withstand rough activities.

  • Midsole

While the shock-absorbing EVA midsole offers adequate cushioning, the rugged nylon feet bolster stability and torsional stiffness in uneven terrains.

These tactical boots use Poliyou activity insoles made of unique material, providing comfort, deodorization, ease of cleaning, moisture absorption, and removable.

By adopting a shock absorption rebound technology, these tactical boots help protect the knee and avoid knee-related injuries.

  • Outsole

This boot features a durable and anti-skid rubber outsole with self-cleaning reinforced lugs providing durability and stability while preventing mud accumulation.

The large side contact area on the outsole is perfect for gripping rocks during an outdoor activity. 

An undercut on the heel improves one’s braking performance. At the same time, the rubber bumper on the toe adds extra protection.

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Lightweight Boots

Beige tactical boot

Free Soldier is another footwear brand worth checking out for your diverse outdoor activities for all seasons.

The manufacturer effectively combined the boots’ fashionable look and ergonomic design with tactical features so you can wear them anywhere.

They’re breathable, lightweight, and durable design makes them excellent multipurpose footwear for all situations.

You can wear these impressive-looking boots for camping, hiking, hunting, mountaineering, and more, thanks to the following features:

  • Upper

The durable and protective upper of the boots features suede leather combined with a sturdy and scratch-resistant 1000D Cordura fabric.

With the boot’s strengthened heel and toe cap, your feet will have complete protection, ankle support, and anti-collision properties.

To ensure the boots’ breathability and comfort, they used a thin Lycra fabric on the middle part and placed vented holes on the sides for better air circulation.

These boots have a true-to-size fit and are lightweight at 2.4 pounds, ensuring that the wearer will not feel fatigued during activity.

The gusseted tongue design prevents debris, dirt, pebbles, or sand from entering the footwear and causing unnecessary discomfort.

Moreover, the durable laces and metal eyelets add to the boots’ ease of use, while the protective collar provides adequate ankle support.

The heel height is around 1.6 inches, while the 8-inch shaft ensures that your ankle is well protected as you perform different activities.

  • Midsole

The flexible and lightweight EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning whenever you are hiking or working.

Meanwhile, the removable insole and the breathable lining make the boots more quick-drying and sweat-releasing to keep your feet dry for all-day comfort.

  • Outsole

These tactical boots feature an all-terrain outsole with a geometrical pattern design, providing excellent grip and non-slip abilities.

This anti-skid sole ensures you can conquer all terrains and surfaces while providing added security and stability.

First Tactical Operator Boots Review: The Verdict

The First Tactical Operator Boots is one of the best footwear for outdoor enthusiasts.

These boots offer unmatched durability in a breathable and lightweight construction, providing the combination of the perfect features needed for special operations.

The two alternative recommendations we have presented offer promising performances at a more budget-friendly price.

However, we recommend investing your well-earned money in the operator boots from First Tactical.