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Danner Wildland Tactical Boot Review

Black tactical boots

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Does your job require you to put your life on the line?

That’s a given when working in law enforcement, the military, fire safety, or other branches of public safety.

These jobs also call on you to wear the right gear from head to toe to minimize the risks and dangers that come with your chosen profession.

Today, we put the spotlight on a pair of tactical boots designed especially for wildland firefighting.

In our Danner Wildland Tactical Boot review, we discuss some of the best features and pros and cons, among many other must-knows, about the said footwear.

In reading our review, you will hopefully find out whether or not these are the boots for your needs.

Danner Wildland Tactical Boot Review

Black tactical boot

There are dangerous professions, and there’s wildland tactical firefighting that belongs right at the top of the list of most unsafe jobs out there.

That said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make it a safer endeavor for you.

The answer lies in Danner’s all-new wildland tactical boot, which combines superior lightweight quality with a host of supportive benefits.

These shoes are the perfect mix of the qualities of an alpine hiker and an NFPA-certified pair of boots, the perfect recipe for safe and effective wildland firefighting.

The Danner Wildland tactical boot has also been upgraded to the 851 from the popular 850 version.

Aside from being true to size, this new version offers a more supportive and athletic fit while providing sufficient room in the toe area.

Who Is This Product For?

As its name suggests, the Danner Wildland tactical boot is perfect for wildland firefighters.

It holds all the essential protective and supportive features a wildland firefighter needs to perform effectively on the field day in and day out.

Despite being a specialized pair of boots, you can also count on the Danner tac boot to be versatile and flexible.

It suits a variety of professional applications and may even be ideal for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor hobbies to an extent.

Movement is critical for effective wildland firefighting, so expect the boots to be able to aid in this department.

While it may not be designed for speed, it helps with movement and agility on several levels.

What’s Included?

What does the box contain? It holds only the Danner Wildland Tactical boot, but that doesn’t matter because that’s all you really need.

This exquisitely designed, mountaineering-inspired pair of firefighting footwear is a package in and of itself.

Its stellar features allow wildland firefighters to do what they do best and do it safely.

Would it be great if the package included an extra pair of laces? Sure, but you shouldn’t have trouble finding replacement laces.

Not to mention, you should easily be able to find a substitute for laces in case the ones that go with the boots need to be retired.

Since we are talking about a pair of quality boots that cost a hefty sum, that’s unlikely to happen for a long time.

Black tactical boot

Overview of Features

What does the Danner tac boot have to offer? A lot, but these features stand out in particular:

  • Comfort and Protection Features

More than anything else, this is what public safety professionals look for in their gear.

The Danner Wildland tac boot is made of a robust, fire-resistant rough-out leather and an airy mesh lining for comfort and protection.

It helps your feet stay fresh regardless of how tough the situation gets.

The reinforced opanka-stitch design delivers superior adherence between the outsole and the upper, taking the footwear’s protective quality to the next level.

That kind of robustness makes for an effective, long-lasting pair of firefighter boots.

Another standout feature is the Vibram® S587 outsole, which prevents wearers from slipping on oil-covered sloped terrain.

Then, we have this latest version’s top-notch supportive and athletic fit, which leaves enough room in the toe area to keep the feet fresh and comfortable.

As a result, you can move and react better to your dangerous environment.

Last but not least is the footwear’s effective heel shape.

It provides the back end of the foot, in particular, the ideal support and comfort you need to perform at the highest level.

  • Mountaineering-inspired Design

Looks might not matter as much as safety and function in the world of wildland firefighting, but who says you can’t have both?

The Danner Wildland tac boot is all for helping your saving communities in style with its gorgeous lumberjack-inspired look.

As heavy-duty as this look may seem, it still offers a lightweight quality that is essential in firefighting.

Firefighters must have nothing constricting their movement and, despite looking like it does, this pair of boots has the opposite effect.

Everything about its construction is made to aid in movement and function.

From the handcrafted, opanka-stitch design to the breathable mesh lining and quality bond between upper and outsole, these features contribute to ease of movement and motion.

Plus, you get to look good saving the world. That counts a lot!

  • Moisture Management

We all know what moisture does when it starts to form.

It encourages microbial growth, making our feet itch and smell bad; not exactly a recipe for a great performance on the field.

And when painful blisters start to form? That will only make things worse and maybe even put you in danger.

To prevent these things from happening, the Danner brand has made sure to structure its creation with a breathable interior and exterior.

These boots wick away moisture to ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of your performance.

  • Superior Traction

The footwear keeps users rigid and stable, and it battles fires thanks to a full-length polypropylene plank with an integrated metal shank.

The feature allows you to have full control over your movements, even in rocky and high-angled environments.

Oil all over the environment won’t make a difference, either.

These shoes will still provide the traction you need to keep safe and stable.


  • Fire-resistant leather
  • Oil- and slip-resistant traction
  • Simple, mountaineering-inspired design
  • Easy to move in
  • Excellent breathability
  • Quality support and comfort
  • Athletic fit with ample toe area
  • No break-in period


  • The heel is less durable than other parts
  • Not meant for everyday use
  • Maybe too bulky for some
  • Size runs small

How to Get the Most Out of It

To feel the full benefits of the Danner Wildland tac boot, you must wear it for what it’s made for: wildland firefighting.

If that happens to be your job, you’ll experience optimal comfort, movement, and protection from this shoe.

That said, other public safety professionals should still be able to find some satisfaction in using this pair of specialized boots.

However, that would depend on their job’s specific needs and personal preferences.


Brown tactical boot

The Belleville Men’s Duty Boot is a more mid-range alternative to the expensive Danner Wildland tactical boot.

This one’s not specially made for wildland firefighting, but you should still find it helpful for such a profession.

Here are the features this pair has to offer:

  • Durable Exterior

The upper is made of smooth, full-grain cowhide leather and nylon fabric, meaning it’s both tough and great-looking.

Like the Danner tac boot, this one is long-lasting and as tough as they come.

It’s designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe in various terrains and conditions.

  • Additional Protective Features

These boots also have a VIBRAM Sierra outsole, shock-absorbing midsole, and a one-density removable insert that helps keep your feet out of harm’s way.

  • Waterproof and Breathable Fabric

We have the GORE-TEX fabric to thank for these boots’ superior water resistance and breathability.

While the Danner Wildland tac boot manages moisture well, this pair keeps it from even having the slightest influence on your performance.

  • Outstanding Traction

These boots’ stellar traction can be attributed to their Vanguard sole construction, providing a slip-resistant quality in various environments and conditions.

Excellent traction and stability are especially important in public safety jobs where one wrong move can spell danger for you and the people you serve.

As great as this pair of boots is, it does not come close to the Danner Wildland tac boot in terms of wildland firefighting performance.

However, that’s expected since it is not specially made for such an undertaking.

That said, if you need a pair of mid-range boots for your firefighting job (wildland firefighting, included), there’s no reason this alternative won’t serve you well.


That’s a wrap for our Danner Wildland Tactical boot review! We hope this helps you understand what to look for in tactical boots for wildland firefighting.

These boots should work for regular firefighting and other applications, too.

However, note that there are less expensive non-specialty footwear that can work as effectively if you’re heading this route.

Overall, the Danner Wildland Tactical boot is truly the full package where back-country firefighting is concerned.

As dangerous as this job is, you’ll be a lot safer with your feet enclosed in a pair of these specialized boots that offer superior traction, excellent breathability, top-notch moisture management, and incredible comfort and support.