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Best Tactical Sling Bags of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Close-up view of black tactical sling bag

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Having one of the best tactical sling bag is key if you have plenty of EDC tools to bring along with you.

Whether you’re bugging out or out camping in the woods for the weekend, you need something that will give you plenty of storage space for all kinds of survival tools.

These include your knives, extra pistol magazines, first aid kit, flashlights, knives, and more.

The tactical bags we’ll feature are durable and can handle just about anything.

You can be on the move at a moment’s notice, and none of these will fall apart on you.

If you want a sling bag that will serve its purpose as a bug out bag or every day carrying bag with all the essentials you need, these bags are also the perfect options.

Comparison Chart

Black tactical sling bag

G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

Black tactical sling bag

REEBOW GEAR Tactical Sling Backpack

Black tactical sling bag

G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag

Black tactical sling bag

Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

Black tactical backpack

HAOMUK Tactical Sling Bag

Best Tactical Sling Bag Reviews

1. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack

Black tactical sling bag

Our first contender for the best tactical sling backpack is the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack.

This is a small, lightweight bag that will be useful in so many ways.

The inclusion of the MOLLE webbing makes it so that you can attach some molle patches if you need extra tools.


The G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack is made from a super durable polyester material that proves its worth as a heavy-duty fabric.

So if you are looking for something tough, this backpack will clearly pass the test with flying colors.

It will come in handy whenever you need to store some extra EDC tools and essentials.

If you are in law enforcement or a first responder, you might use this for storing tactical items or even first aid kits or rescue tools in the event of being in the middle of a life-saving situation.

For a bag this small, you’d be surprised by what you can fit inside the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack.

With the main compartment and two zippered pockets, you have plenty of storage space for everything you need on the go.


  • Great for EDC, emergency, and tactical items
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Spacious storage
  • User-friendly straps


  • Lack of padding on shoulder straps
  • Maybe a bit too small for some
  • Zipper quality can be improved

2. REEBOW GEAR Tactical Sling Backpack

Black tactical sling bag

Next, we have the REEBOW Gear Tactical Sling Backpack. At first glance, the overall design was quite impressive.


The REEBOW Gear Tactical Sling Backpack is rugged and has the capability of handling some extra MOLLE pouches.

It also has a sling strap that you can adjust to your preferred fit and size.

The backpack itself is large enough to fit some essential items like water bottles, EDC kits, and up to two handguns with extra magazines.

No matter your purpose, there’s always enough room to pack the items that will come in handy sooner or later.

The REEBOW Gear Tactical Sling Backpack comes in various colors, including different shades of camouflage.

If you are in one of those situations where you can’t or don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, consider getting the black color.

It will help you blend in more with the crowd.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Plenty of storage
  • Nice, clean design
  • Great durability
  • Perfect size


  • Strap frays easily
  • Can only be worn crossbody
  • The large strap can be “annoying”

3. G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag

Black tactical sling bag

We’ll be returning to the G4Free Tactical brand and look at their EDC sling bag.

If you are someone who conceals carries regularly, this could be the bag for you.

It has enough carrying space for a pistol or two, along with some extra magazines.


The G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag is the perfect bag to take with you if you’re planning to spend the day at the range.

Even if you are a competitive shooter, this bag is nice to have.

You have your extra ammo, magazines, cleaning kits, and everything else.

Yet, it can do just fine as a regular EDC bag. You never know what kind of items you’ll need in any event.

The G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag has six pocket compartments, including the main compartment, three front pockets, and two side pockets.

You can carry this bag with you during a daytime hike in the woods and easily adjust the straps whenever you need to.

If there is one thing you want from the best best tactical sling backpack, it’s straps that are adjustable enough to fit your body frame.

Even a bag this small can fit someone who is either five or six feet or even just a hair above six feet in height.


  • Great versatility
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect for concealed carry users
  • Can fit some of the Glock model pistols
  • Very durable


  • May be too small for some purposes
  • Zippers may not be good for full-on concealment
  • Some additional pouches may be appreciated

4. Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

Black tactical sling bag

If you are looking for a great sling bag that isn’t too expensive, the Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag is more up your alley.

For the price, you’ll get a pretty good investment out of the whole deal.


Made from water-resistant polyester, the Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag can handle outdoor excursions.

If you’re out on a hike or camping for the weekend, this bag might just be what you need.

The Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag also has extra Velcro so that you can stick on some extra pouches.

You can use this to store water bottles, extra magazines, even extra pistols. Either way, the Velcro will come in handy one way or another.

Of course, you still have plenty of storage space to fit everything from extra clothes, EDC tools, laptops, and so more.

Yes, it’s the perfect tactical sling bag, but it can also be useful for everyday use.

If you’re not a standard backpack kind of person, a sling bag like this can prove useful.

If you’re on a budget, know this: you’re not spending money on something cheap in quality.

The Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag can last quite a while.

If you hate wasting money on backpacks ever so often, then you won’t regret purchasing the Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag.


  • Great for budget shoppers
  • Excellent durability
  • Velcro holds up good
  • Perfect for hikers and survivalists
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Zipper construction could be better
  • Lacks a decent Y strap
  • May not be as wide as expected

5. HAOMUK Tactical Sling Bag

Black tactical sling bag

The last tactical sling bag we’ll look at is the HAOMUK Tactical Sling Bag.

While it might be compact, you can still store plenty of EDC items. It still serves its purpose in so many ways. 


The HAOMUK Tactical Sling Bag is great for a paramedic’s first aid kit, a tactical bag for law enforcement, and an EDC bag for the civilian.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a sling bag like this anywhere else on the market.

Since it’s durable enough to last you a long time, you’ll have a reliable bag at your side no matter where you go.

You get a large strap, plus smaller adjustable straps, so it’s a snug fit whenever you need to take it with you on the go.

Whether it’s for those road trips near and far, when you need to evacuate, or when duty calls, this sling bag will store all the tools you need.

Plus, you’ll easily find them in one well-organized compartment.


  • Perfect for space-saving
  • Affordable for most
  • Easily adjustable straps


  • Strap quality could be better
  • Zipper may break after a while
  • Smaller straps may not be comfortable

How To Choose a Tactical Sling Bag

There are indeed a bunch of sling bags available on the market.

The problem is, it might be hard to choose one over the other. That’s why we’ve provided you with this buyer’s guide.

Use this to your advantage while you’re searching for a sling tactical bag of your own.

We’ll go over what you need to consider before buying a tactical sling bag.

We’ll also look at the features you need to keep a close eye on during your search.

Things To Consider Before Buying

The two most important questions to consider before buying a tactical sling bag are:

  • What will you use a sling bag for?

Sling bags are usually designed for multiple purposes. As such, you’ll want to think about where you intend to use it.

Is it for camping? EDC and survival? Or everyday use?

Knowing how often you will use it will help you look at specific features needed for a certain activity.

You can also do away with the unnecessary features that make other sling bags more expensive than other models.

  • What items will you be packing?

This ties into the previous consideration. If you are using this for EDC purposes, it’s obvious that EDC tools like knives, first aid kits, an extra pistol, and extra magazines might be what you’ll pack inside.

If you use it for hiking or camping, it can be some survival gear like an emergency blanket, a water bottle, ready-to-eat food, and other essential tools.

Find a sling bag that can accommodate the most important items that you would need.

Key Features To Check

Now that you know where you’ll use and what you’ll put in your bag, keep the following essential features in mind when shopping for one:

  • Storage Space

The storage space will matter a lot in terms of choosing a sling bag.

Sling bags will come in all different sizes, so the storage space will differ. 

  • Straps

Specifically, you’ll want to look for straps that are easy to adjust. You may be six foot and 180 pounds or five foot six and 155 pounds.

You’ll want something that will be adjustable enough to where it can fit most body frames and sizes.

  • MOLLE Attachments

There are sling bags that include MOLLE webbing attachments. You can use these to your advantage whenever you need extra tools.

All you need are the pouches compatible with these attachments.

You can use the pouches for extra tools like knives, pistol magazines, water bottles, and other EDC tools.

FAQs About Tactical Sling Bags

1. How do you wear a tactical sling bag?

The best thing about most tactical sling bags is that you can wear them in a few different ways.

Ideally, you can wear your tactical sling bag as a:

  • Crossbody: You can wear it crossbody by draping the strap across your body. The sling bag should rest on the side of your body as if you’re carrying a duffel bag.
  • Backpack: You can also wear it over your back. Hang the strap over one of your shoulders as if you were carrying a regular backpack.

2. Are sling backpacks comfortable?

Generally, small-sized slings are comfortable and easier to carry on your back than the larger ones.

Plus, with larger padded straps, they will be easy to carry and won’t cause discomfort.

That is even if the sling bag is slightly heavier with extra items.

3. What do you carry in a tactical bag?

You can carry a lot of things in a tactical bag. This can include but are not limited to pistols, extra magazines, gun-cleaning kits, flashlights, and firestarters.

It all depends on your intent and purpose of how you will use the tactical bag.

4. Are slings bad for your back?

It depends on what you pack in the sling bag. It also depends on how much weight you are carrying.

Be careful with how much you pack because unlike traditional tactical backpacks, the distribution of weight isn’t equal.

You’ll want to avoid packing too much, so it’s not too heavy. 

Our Top Recommendation

If you are looking for an excellent tactical sling bag, one of these five might be yours.

If we had to choose one, though, we highly recommend the G4Free Tactical EDC Sling Bag.

It’s the best tactical sling bag for concealed carry users and those who want an extra bug out bag for “just in case” moments.

It’s durable, can fit all of your tools, including those that are useful for self-defense.