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Best Tactical Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Black tactical flashlight with strong illumination

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When choosing a flashlight, one property that comes to mind is the presence of a light technology that can produce a concentrated beam.

Tactical flashlight models will always have the advantage of producing a concentrated beam over ordinary flashlights operating with alkaline batteries.

However, not all tactical flashlights generate enough lumens for highly tactical purposes.

A light source can only allow maximum tactical visibility by producing at least 1000 lumens.

Luckily for you, the best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens are already in the market, and the following reviews shall expound on our top picks.

Comparison Chart

Black tactical flashlight

Streamlight 88060 Pro Tac HL Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

Black tactical flashlight

Feyachi FL11-MB Tactical Flashlight

Black tactical flashlight

OLIGHT PL-Pro Valkyrie Tactical Flashlight with Strobe

Black tactical flashlight

OLIGHT Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Weaponlight

Black tactical flashlights

LETMY LED Tactical Flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens: A Review

1. Streamlight ProTac HL4 Handheld Flashlight

Black tactical flashlight

Streamlight specializes in all sorts of portable battery-operated light sources, including handheld flashlights, weapon mountable lights, headlamps, lanterns, and penlights.

It is a company that began in 1973 with a strict policy of listening to customers for continuous innovations.

Among its wide range of products is the ProTac Series flashlights, which offer superb features for various tactical purposes.

One of the high-powered options with a light technology that surpasses the 1000-lumen mark is the Streamlight ProTac HL4.

It is a handheld professional tactical flashlight that measures 8.63 inches long and weighs 1.1 pounds.

While it is the option that has the largest size, it can fit into any vehicle’s glove compartment.


The ProTac HL4 is a high-lumen flashlight capable of producing an intense beam of 2200 lumens.

It is the most powerful flashlight among our recommendations, and it can outmatch other light sources out in the field.

As such, it is an excellent flashlight for a wide range of law enforcement activities and tactical purposes, including intense nighttime searches.

  • Interchangeable Power Source

This flashlight’s power source is four CR123A batteries or two 18650 rechargeable batteries.

Since the CR123A variants are replaceable batteries, they can be costly and inefficient.

For more convenience, you’re better off investing in at least four Streamlight SL-B26 18650 lithium batteries and a corresponding charger.

These flashlight accessories ensure that your ProTac HL4 is ready for use at all times, even when two 18650 batteries are in the charger.

Since it can use two battery types, Streamlight equipped it with a convenient self-adjusting battery cradle.

  • Multiple Lighting Modes

While it is a 2200 lumen flashlight at the max output setting, you can switch it to lower light output settings.

You can choose from 600 lumens for medium bright illumination, 60 lumens for extended use, or strobe for signaling or disorienting.

At 2200 lumens, the light output can reach a concentrated beam distance of 346 meters.

Alternatively, the medium bright mode should be enough for personal use during a power outage or illuminating distances up to 182 meters.

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that even at 60 lumens, the concentrated beam can reach as far as 56 meters.

In addition to the high-only outdoor mode, other operating modes include two pre-programmed settings: high-strobe-low and low-medium-high.

Of course, battery life varies depending on the chosen light settings.

While it can only last for 1.75 hours with 18650 batteries at high mode, it has a 43-hour max runtime at low mode.

  • Durable Construction

The ProTac HL4 is an excellent choice for providing illumination in rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.

It has a durable, anodized aluminum outer shell that is impact resistant to drops as high as one meter.

Furthermore, this flashlight is water resistant to depths up to 3.28 feet for up to 30 minutes.

However, its impact resistance rating is not enough to give it a crushproof design.


  • Generates a concentrated beam
  • Optimum peripheral illumination
  • Brightest tactical flashlight among the options
  • Great value for its high light output capacity
  • Has the most variation of light modes
  • Self-adjusting battery cradle for different battery sizes
  • With a rubber sleeve for thermal insulation and a secure grip
  • Waterproof up to one meter


  • Largest and heaviest among the options
  • Does not include 18650 batteries and a charger
  • Too big for a pants pocket

2. Feyachi FL11-MB LED Flashlight with Picatinny Mount

Black tactical flashlight

While Streamlight is your one-stop shop for all your portable lighting requirements, Feyachi specializes in rifle shooting gear and accessories.

Its products include shooting optics, flashlights, lasers, tactical bags and packs, rifle slings, safety glasses, and bipods.

One of its high light output tactical flashlights is the Feyachi FL11-MB.

It is a compact and lightweight flashlight that measures 5.3 inches long and weighs only four ounces with the battery.


The Feyachi FL11-MB is a 1200-lumen flashlight that can generate a beam distance of 200 meters.

It may not be as powerful as the ProTac HL4, but it supplies a light source well over 1000 lumens in nighttime outdoor mode.

It is one of the modern LED flashlights that ensure a virtually indestructible and recoil-proof blinding brightness.

This flashlight’s disadvantage is its lack of strobe functionality and variable brightness modes.

It only has a single light output that is switchable between constant-on and momentary-on modes.

  • All-Inclusive Accessories

The Feyachi FL11-MB flashlight is an excellent choice for daily use and tactical purposes.

Its flashlight accessories include:

  • A Picatinny offset mount
  • A tail switch
  • An Allen wrench
  • Two 186550 lithium batteries
  • A single-port battery charger

Thanks to its hand strap, it can stand alone as a handheld light for any emergency.

On the other hand, the included universal Picatinny mount enables the flashlight’s attachment to almost any rifle with a standard 1913 rail.

Since the Feyachi FL11-MB uses replaceable batteries, it would be best to bring fully-charged spare batteries to any outdoor trip.

A single charge can provide the flashlight with four hours of battery life.

Fortunately for you, this set already comes with an extra battery, which means you can use one while charging the other.

The included single battery charger uses a detachable micro-USB cable, which also works with portable power banks.

  • Outstanding Durability

The Feyachi FL11-MB has an outer shell made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum that provides exceptional shock proofing.

Furthermore, this impact resistant shell is dust-proof and water resistant up to IP65.

It has waterproof O-rings with an anti-abrasive coating, making it highly functional even on rainy days.

  • Tail Pressure Switch

The included tail switch is a dual switch that connects to a tail cap with a flexible coiled wire.

Tactical and military users will enjoy the easy single-handed operation, as it comes with a constant-on button and a momentary-on pressure button.


  • High-powered portable flashlight
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, and hunting
  • More accessories for versatility
  • All you need is in the set
  • Superb impact resistance
  • Retains up to 300 lumens outside 200-meter beam range


  • No strobe mode and wide-angle beam
  • Designed explicitly for long-distance illumination
  • Ambient temperature affects battery life

3. Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie Weapon Light

Black tactical flashlight

Olight is a company that believes no one should be left in the dark.

It specializes in quality illumination products for outdoorsy people, athletes, veterans, public service personnel, and DIY go-getters.

One of its tactical-grade product series is the PL-Olight, which caters mostly to the law enforcement and military sectors for tactical purposes.

Under the PL-Olight Series is the PL-Pro Valkyrie, a weapon light primarily designed for armaments with a GL or 1913 mounting rail.

It measures 3.27 inches long and has a body diameter of 1.42 inches.

Additionally, it has a compact design and weighs only 3.25 ounces, making it a minor addition to the weight of a handgun.


The PL-Pro Valkyrie is a 1500 lumen flashlight capable of producing a bright beam with an impressive 280-meter distance.

This device is a high-quality flashlight that produces a concentrated beam exceptionally brighter than other light sources present in interior raids.

While it is a solid choice for police officers needing an entry-level tactical flashlight, it can very well function as a handheld light.

  • Two Light Modes and Three Output Modes

With a PL-Pro Valkyrie, you get two lighting levels and a strobe function tactical mode.

The first lighting level maintains 1500 lumens for 1.5 minutes and then reduces the brightness to 600 lumens for continuous lighting up to 45 minutes.

Its lumen output at the bright light setting is higher than what the Feyachi FL11-MB can generate.

Alternatively, the second lighting level produces the lowest setting of 300 lumens for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

Aside from the strobe mode, this flashlight also has constant-on and momentary-on functionalities.

  • Built-In Power

The PL-Pro Valkyrie is one of the rechargeable flashlights you can find in the Olight lineup.

It has a built-in battery that draws power through a USB port magnetic charging base and accumulates a battery power of 900mAh.

Since it uses an embedded power source, Olight saw it fitting to add an indicator light for the battery.


  • Perfect flashlight for law enforcement handguns
  • Available remote pressure switch for conversion into rifle use
  • Resistant to powerful water jets from nozzles in all directions
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The only option with a built-in battery


  • One of the more expensive options
  • A built-in battery entails some downtime for charging

4. Olight BALDR Pro Weapon Light

Black tactical flashlight

Like the PL Series, the BALDR Series is another product lineup from Olight that carries a wide range of mountable weapon lights.

However, the BALDR Series features more skin colors and sizes, one of which is the BALDR Pro.

The BALDR Pro is a compact flashlight that measures 3.3 inches long, has a diameter of 1.44 inches, and weighs 4.55 ounces.


The BALDR Pro generates a maximum output of 1350 lumens at 260 meters using Olight’s LED technology.

While this bright light output is efficient enough for tactical operations, it is slightly lower than what the PL-Pro can provide.

It also sits at a higher price range than most alternatives.

Unlike similar weapon lights from other brands, the BALDR Pro does not use a stainless steel construction.

Instead, it uses aluminum to keep its mounting weight to a minimum.

Similarities with the PL-Pro include this device’s mounting options and three output modes: high, low, and strobe.

The two brightness modes include the high lumen output between 500 and 1350 lumens and the low output of 300 lumens.

The high mode can run for two hours, and the lowest setting can operate for four hours.

Of course, the four-hour max runtime will be several minutes shorter with the laser in operation.

  • Embedded Laser Sight

The good thing about the BALDR Pro is its embedded green laser sight, which police officers will surely like.

Not only does it provide excellent illumination, but it also allows effortless target acquisition.

  • Replaceable Batteries

Unlike the PL-Pro, the BALDR Pro uses two replaceable CR123A batteries.

As previously mentioned, this power source is disposable.

As such, having replacement batteries ready at all times is the best practice.


  • Has a built-in green laser for distant sighting
  • Batteries are easily replaceable while on the go
  • Available in several other colors
  • Professional tactical flashlight


  • Most expensive among the options
  • Only uses disposable batteries

5. LetMy LED Tactical Flashlights 2 Pack

Black tactical flashlights

Without any armaments to equip with the Olight models or the Feyachi, you might want to settle for more affordable tactical flashlights.

You will find several options for a high-powered handheld light, such as the LetMy compact flashlight.

This flashlight contains two tactical flashlights, each measuring from five to six inches approximately.


If you are looking for a pocketable flashlight capable of producing 2000 lumens, this might just be the ultimate starter pack.

Each item included is a high-lumen flashlight encased in military-grade aluminum alloy.

It is perfectly capable of illuminating indoor and outdoor spaces for all situations.

  • Convenient Lighting Modes

Five light settings include high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.

However, the brightness levels are dependent on the battery life of your chosen power source.

Nevertheless, these LetMy flashlights use the latest XM-L T6 chips, a LED technology that produces 70 percent brighter lights than basic LEDs.

Additionally, these flashlights have zoom functions that enable you to switch from a wide-angle beam to a concentrated beam.

  • Dual Power Source Options

Like the Streamlight ProTac HL4, each LetMy tactical flashlight can use two types of batteries: three AAA batteries or one 18650 battery.

The set includes two AAA battery holders and two 18650 battery sleeves.

Unfortunately, the kit does not come with any batteries or chargers.


  • Entry-level tactical flashlight
  • Very affordable
  • Straightforward, all-around use
  • Two units in one pack
  • The only option with zoom functions


  • Does not include any batteries or a charger
  • Unreliable light output when using AAA batteries

Which Is the Best Tactical Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens?

The best tactical flashlight over 1000 lumens among the options is the Streamlight ProTac HL4.

With it, you have a piece of gear that provides a high-powered concentrated beam that can surpass the combined light output of several ordinary flashlights.

Other than that, its superb features include operating modes useful for intense nighttime searches and other tactical purposes.

However, if you are looking for something to store into your pants pocket or small tactical backpack, you’re better off choosing the Feyachi FL11-MB.

While it may have a lower light output than the ProTac, it has a compact design that makes it a convenient addition to camping gear.