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Best Insoles for Tactical Boots of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Tactical boot insoles

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Whether you’re a police officer, military member, firefighter, or hiker, you want nothing less than ultra-comfortable tactical boots during a shift or an outdoor activity.

Sometimes, your chosen footwear, as it is, may fall short in providing the necessary support and comfort.

Thus, you want to consider using the best insoles for tactical boots to ensure that isn’t the case.

Whether you run or walk for miles or stand for hours on end, your feet won’t be screaming in pain and discomfort.

Instead, they’ll remain fresh and injury-free the entire time.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best insoles for military boots capable of performing little miracles on your feet.

Best Insoles for Tactical Boots Reviews

1. Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Blue feet insoles

Walk Hero’s Plantar Fasciitis feet insoles are a pair of semi-rigid orthotics inserts praised for incredible arch support.

Their ability to help keep feet stable and lifted makes it especially beneficial for people with flat feet.

Some wearers even report loss of pain in the ankles and knees from using these insoles.

Product Highlights

These insoles are made with EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate and silicone, so they’re quite comfortable.

Their textured surface keeps your feet from slipping and sliding inside your boots and causing blisters when performing fast-paced activities.

Another of this insole’s strong suits is its durability. Users should be able to wear them effectively for months at a time.

They provide great support at the expense of a bit of cushioning.

They’re still quite soft, though you will find many other insoles that exceed them in this department.

In particular, some buyers may feel a lack of softness in the toe and heel areas and, thus, experience more pressure on these spots.

Another thing to note is that these insoles are one-size-fits-all. That’s 4 to 4.5 for men and 6 to 6.5 for women.

If your feet are on the larger side, using these insoles may not leave enough space inside your boots for your toes.

The Good

This pair of insoles stands out for its superior arch support.

It has been reported to reduce ankle and knee pain among wearers and is especially ideal for those with flat feet.

These insoles provide amazing traction and keep your feet stable while performing fast-paced activities and intense training.

The Bad

These insoles fall short when it comes to comfort.

While they’re far from what you would call extremely uncomfortable, they lack softness in the heel and toe area, which can be a deal-breaker for some users.

These parts usually take the brunt of the stress and pressure of hours of standing.

So while it’s good for movement, the pair leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to activities that call on you to stand for hours.


  • Great arch support
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Reduce knee and ankle aches
  • Ideal for people with flat feet


  • Insoles lack softness
  • Does not inform the buyer that it’s one-size-fits-all

2. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Support Insoles

Foot support insoles

Dr. Scholl is a household name in the insole industry.

According to Dr. Scholl himself, the Heavy-Duty Support Insoles are specially designed to reduce muscle fatigue for people over 200 pounds.

Product Highlights

These insoles are great at absorbing shock and foot blows, helping your feet recover quickly in time for the next explosive movement.

This makes them ideal for law enforcement, military, and fire safety training, where things can get incredibly demanding physically.

If you weigh over 200 pounds and need insoles to support your weight effectively, this is the pair.

It helps you perform high-intensity activities while keeping your feet stable and providing reinforced arch support that reduces the risk of injury.

These insoles’ well-structured vents bring added breathability, which helps keep your feet fresh whether you’re standing, running, or walking all day.

Dr. Scholl advertises them as the “best fit for boots.”

For insoles described as “heavy-duty,” they’re not as thick as one may expect them to be.

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your personal preferences, though this should make them fit well with various military boots.

Now the question is whether the thinness of these insoles will remove from their arch support.

It could, since some parts of your feet may feel less assisted.

Then, there’s the durability issue. The packaging indicates they’ll last for three months, but it could be earlier due to their thinner structure.

The Good

What’s particularly great about this pair is that it addresses the needs of heavier individuals who want to perform well in their training.

These individuals are often plagued by lower back and leg pain because of their weight.

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Insoles provide great shock absorbance and heel support, ensuring that neither the wearer’s weight nor their explosive movements take too much of a toll on the muscles.

Combining these qualities also allows for instant recovery, so your feet recover right away, and you can get on to the next strike in no time.

The Bad

What some customers didn’t like about this pair of insoles is its thin structure.

While that contributes to the insoles’ versatility, it does take away from the arch support.

Thus, some may feel that some parts of their feet are unsupported.

Thinness may also factor into these insoles’ reduced durability.

The label states that they should last for three months, but you may start to feel the reduced impact at the one-month mark.


  • Suits different boots well
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Ideal for heavy users
  • Well-ventilated to keep feet fresh
  • Outstanding heel support


  • Does not support the feet completely
  • Lacks durability
  • Thinness may be an issue

3. Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles

Blue feet insoles

Another Dr. Scholl entry on our list comes in the form of the Work Insoles.

We always expect a renowned brand like Dr. Scholl to deliver, and it does with this pair of remarkable insoles that provide a cool, refreshing effect on the muscles.

Product Highlights

Training for the military, police force, or fire safety department can get incredibly intense physically.

Things are only going to get more physically demanding from there.

Your job could call on you to chase criminals on foot or charge into a burning building as fast as possible to avoid getting burned.

The speed and intensity of these activities can take a huge toll on your entire body, your feet especially.

That’s why it’s critical to pair the right boots with the right insoles.

If you work or are training to work in public safety, Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles hold all the answers you need, even some you didn’t know you needed.

It’s all about the cooling effect. The pain in your foot muscles that comes from performing explosive movements time and again is addressed by this pair of insoles’ standout features.

The “cooling pad” delivers a refreshing effect that contributes to fast recovery for your feet, allowing you to be ready for the next explosive move or strike in no time.

It absorbs shock very well, so strong kicks and explosive jumps and landings shouldn’t negatively impact your performance.

It’s also worth noting these insoles’ heel support, which lets you perform movement after explosive movement with barely any stress on your heels.

That said, you may need to worry about other parts of your feet since these insoles’ thinner structure could keep these areas from getting adequate support.

The Good

If you’re looking for a pair of insoles that absorb shock very well and keep your feet fresh even after hours of intense training, look no further than this pair.

One good thing about the thinness of these insoles is that it makes them ideal for different kinds of boots.

The Bad

Unfortunately, these insoles’ lack of layers makes them prone to premature wear and tear.

The thinner structure also keeps them from providing complete support to the feet.

So, while the insole should assist the heels very well, it may fail to deliver for the toes and possibly other areas.


  • Works for different types of boots
  • Great at absorbing shock
  • Comes with a cooling section
  • Instant recovery after an explosive movement
  • Ideal for high-intensity activities


  • Too thin
  • Does not provide complete foot support
  • Lacks durability

4. Dr. Scholl’s AIR-PILLO Insoles

Foot support insoles

It seems we can’t get enough of Dr. Scholl’s insoles, with the third one on our list offering the best when it comes to long-lasting comfort and cushioning.

Trust us; your feet will feel like heaven resting on this pair of ultra-soft insoles.

Product Highlights

This insole will literally make you feel like you’re walking on clouds the entire time.

It has a dual-layer system that provides cushioning and support for long-lasting comfort.

A Sure Grip foam comprises the bottom layer, which keeps the material in place and prevents bunching and wrinkling.

It also helps keep your feet stable even as you stand for long hours.

What makes the AIR-PILLO unique is its incredible versatility.

It’s designed to fit virtually any shoe, including military boots. You just have to trim as required.

If you expect to be on your feet all day at work or doing some outdoor activity, this pair is for you.

However, note that high-intensity activities may prove too much for the soft material to handle.

The Good

If you expect to be on your feet for most of the day, this pair of insoles is a godsend.

It has a pillow-like softness that refreshes and energizes your feet.

The AIR-PILLO is best for everyday use. It keeps your feet comfortable and well-supported all day long.

Plus, you can cut it down to size to fit your desired footwear, boots included.

The Bad

The insole material is by no means flimsy, but it may as well be when you wear it while performing rigorous activities or training.

There are insoles meant for high-intensity activities, and there’s the AIR-PILLO, which is meant simply for walking and standing.


  • Optimal support and cushioning
  • Trim to fit desired shoe
  • Keeps your feet fresh and energized
  • Ideal for tame outdoor activities


  • Material not strong enough for rigorous activities
  • May be too thin for some users
  • Material not strong enough for rigorous activities
  • May be too thin for some users

5. Superfeet Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Green foot insoles

The foam in these Superfeet orthotic shoe inserts provides excellent cushioning and a soft feel underneath the feet.

According to buyers, they’re quite comfortable and not too hard to the touch.

Product Highlights

These insoles have just the right thickness, with the heel a little bit thicker than the rest.

Thus, it provides extra cushioning on the part of the feet that tends to get the brunt of the stress and pressure.

With this part lifted slightly, your tendons feel freer, and you can deliver more power to your movements.

Part of this has to do with the reduced foot and knee pain you feel from wearing these outstanding insoles.

If you walk or run a lot in your shoes, these are the inserts for you. They’re also great for hiking in military boots.

However, rigorous training is another story. The material and design of these insoles, particularly arch support, can fall short in physically demanding scenarios.

The Good

These insoles are best for daily use and some tamer outdoor applications, like walking around the neighborhood, hiking, and trekking.

They’re structured to provide extra cushioning to your heel, putting less stress on your tendon and reducing foot and knee pain.

The Bad

What we don’t like about these insoles is their lack of support platforms.

You may find them lacking in terms of arch support and, thus, should not wear them in fast-paced environments.


  • Superior cushioning
  • Elevated heel for better support
  • Great for hiking and other tame outdoor activities
  • Provide relief for sore feet


  • Falls short in arch support
  • May flatten over time and lose cushioning

Buyer’s Guide

When buying insoles, your goal is to find a comfortable pair that provides great support.

This can mean different things depending on what you do on your feet.

1. Arch Support

There are rigid and semi-rigid platforms for insole arch support.

A rigid insole gives you better control of the larger foot joints directly below your ankle, helping reduce feet, leg, and lower back strains.

They’re more recommended for those diagnosed with foot diseases than the general combat-boot-wearer searching for comfort.

On the other hand, semi-rigid insoles focus more on the comfort and cushioning side of things.

They’re better at absorbing shock and are a better fit for the general law enforcement and military trainees.

2. Heel Support

Your heel takes the brunt of the impact of anything you do on your feet.

Hence, you will always need insoles that provide great heel support.

The best insoles for military boots should have a slightly uplifted heel to put less strain on the tendons.

3. Breathability

No one wants sweaty feet. To control the moisture gathering around your feet, pick a pair of insoles with well-structured vents or a “cooling pad” section for long-lasting freshness. 

4. Materials

It goes without saying that you want your insoles to be made of quality materials.

In particular, keep an eye out for insoles with antimicrobial features since they have excellent moisture control and keep your feet from becoming a haven for microbes.

FAQs About Tactical Boots Insoles

1. Will insoles make my boots feel tighter?

That depends on the width, length, and thickness of the insoles.

If you pick a product the same size as your tactical boots, it could make them slightly tighter.

However, you shouldn’t have to worry because military boots tend to loosen over time, and insoles should help them fit more snugly in this case.

2. Does wearing insoles hurt at first?

While insoles won’t hurt your feet, they may take some getting used to.

In particular, orthotic inserts will need breaking in because of their harder material that contributes to excellent arch support.

3. How long will insoles last?

A pair of high-quality insoles should last you about six to nine months, though you may feel a loss in their impact six months in.

That’s why you should replace them every four to six months for optimal comfort.

4. Can insoles go on top of insoles?

Again, this would depend on the kind of insoles you have.

Dr. Scholl, for instance, has insoles that can go on top of each other as long as the wearer feels comfortable.

An insole or orthotic that isn’t full length can be placed above your shoe’s existing insole.

5. What are the best insoles?

Memory foam insoles are said to be the best when it comes to offering pressure relief and comfort.

That’s because they mold to the shape of the feet and can provide the best cushioning.

Which Insoles Should I Pick?

Our list of the best insoles for tactical boots has products that can bring excellent support and comfort to your military boots.

But our favorite has to be the Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles.

These insoles provide outstanding support and moderate cushioning, making them ideal for various activities.

They’re ultra-durable and great for pain reduction. Not to mention, you should be able to wear them for months without feeling a loss of impact.

That said, if comfort is the most important feature for you, Dr. Scholl’s AIR-PILLO Insoles should be a better fit for your needs.

It has a double-layer system that brings support and cushioning for enduring comfort.