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5.11 Rush 72 vs Maxpedition Vulture Backpack: Which one is Better?

Close-up of tactical backpack

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If you are serious about camping and the outdoors, then one thing that you have to have is a great backpack. There are thousands of assault and military bags on the internet, but not all bags are made equal, and choosing the right one for you can be quite a challenge.

While essentially all backpacks serve the same purpose, what they can do and what they are capable of varies drastically. That’s why it is vital that you make an informed decision about which backpack you buy.

We’re going to give you a breakdown of the 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack and the Maxpedition Vulture Backpack, and compare the two. Read on for more.

5.11 Rush 72 Backpack

Black tactical backpack

If you are in the market for a waterproof backpack, then the 5.11 Rush is the one for you thanks to its PUx2 coating, which makes it resistant to water. It is also made from 1050D nylon, making it the most rugged and sturdy in its range, and you’ll also never have to worry about leaks.

The zippers are designed for heavy-duty use outdoors and are also self-repairing. It is flexible, and you won’t have to worry about it being damaged when all of the compartments are filled with your personal belongings.

The 5.11 is the largest bag of three models and can be used for over 72 hours in difficult terrain. In terms of its design, it is excellent for campers, military personnel, survivalists, law enforcement, and firefighters. All of the colors have a camo shade and can blend in well with your environment.

The shoulder straps are shaped like an oval and surround the shoulders and the neck. The midsection is in the shape of a curve and is connected to the shoulder straps, which are closed-cell and made from foam. Make sure that you carry this bag properly, or else you might injure your back.

The main compartment of the 5.11 has a capacity of 47 liters, not including the pouches and side pockets. You won’t be running out of storage space any time soon. If you take a glance at the backpack, you’ll notice there are a number of open pouches and some closed pockets with zippers.

There is also a hydration pocket at the back that has a tube opening. Additionally, the bag has deep pockets for storing a number of items, as well as mesh pockets.

If you’d like, you can take one of the packs off of the back and carry it around like a small backpack. You are also able to move the waist straps to the side when you aren’t using them, and they will help alleviate some of the pressure when the 5.11 is at max capacity.

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Maxpedition Vulture Backpack

Camouflaged tactical backpack

Even though the Vulture looks quite plain, it was designed to be functional rather than attractive. It has plenty of compartments and pockets to store any of your personal belongings. The main compartment is quite large, so you’ll be able to carry plenty of things around.

Inside the main compartment, there is a useful mesh pocket to keep your fragile items safe. There is also another, ‘medium’ pocket that has an open-top organizer, as well as a hook for you to secure your keys.

There is also a handy hydration pocket that you can use to store a bottle of water. When it comes to the bag’s comfort, the straps have enough padding to be as comfortable as possible, even though they are quite narrow.

It is coated with an abrasion-resistant, 1000 Denier, ballistic, lightweight nylon. The underside of the Vulture is made from slip-proof nylon that stops the pack from getting any holes as you use it.

There is also a coating made of Teflon, which prevents the bag from becoming dirty and tarnished from the elements. The craftsmanship of this bag is nearly unmatched, and you won’t have any problems when you drop it on the ground, rub against bushes or trees, and so on.

The zippers on the Vulture are made from strong YKK, which keeps the pack closed properly at all times. Its seams are taped and finished for more reinforcement and protection against water. The stress points are stitched twice, X’d, and boxed to make the bag even more sturdy.

Overall, this backpack has a solid design with a simple look and an internal compartment that is laid out in a smart, logical way.

Which To Choose – 5.11 Rush 72 vs Maxpedition Vulture Backpack?

As you can see, these are two high-quality bags that serve almost the same purpose, but they have some key differences that set these bags apart. If you are looking for a bag that can resist water, then the Maxpedition Vulture is the bag for you.

On the other hand, if you want a bag that can hold anything and everything that you want to take on a camping trip, then the 5.11 Rush 72 would be better suited to meet your needs. It is also slightly more comfortable than the Vulture, making it great for extended use.

Wrapping Up

While most assault bags are made to perform essentially the same function, different bags have different features. It’s up to you to decide which bag you wish to purchase, and we hope that this article has made that decision easier for you.